Interview @ Ca prison this Friday.Can anyone give advice for the LVN interview??

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    Hi Everyone!
    I am a new grad and I have been hoping to start my career in the corrections field. I feel like this would be a good fit for me. I respect rules and procedures, I have great attention to detail, I respect people and communicate well with others. I am also a strong person and I am thick skinned. With all that said, I filled out an application as soon as I found out I passed the boards and I got a letter last week requesting that I interview this Friday! I am so happy for the oppurtunity but I am nervous about the interview. I dont know what to expect or how to make myself stand out. How do you tell someone that this is your dream job and you really want this job without sounding unprofessional? Can anyone tell me how many questions they ask and what was the subject area. example: Diabetes, why you want to work here, ect. Thank you!:heartbeat

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    I hope it went well!
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    It went good. it was freezing and I was nervous but it was good. It was totally my best interview so far. Hey I was wondering, did you interview at svsp this friday too?
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    LOL yeah! mine was at 11 but I was there till about 12:30. I was curious if we met because I was talking to a guy and girl in the waiting area who went in before me. Both said they worked there through a staffing agency that didnt require them to have a year experience. I was thinking If they dont call me back for a job maybe I can try the staffing agency but I forgot to ask them the name of the place lol.
    After my interview the blonde woman was walking the same direction as me so I asked her if she would mind if I called to follow up or when I should expect to hear something and she said there was a lot of applicants this time and that if I dont hear from them in 3 weeks I can call and ask what stage they are at.
    But I read here on all nurses that some people got called 3 days later, Im hoping for that.
    I cant believe I didnt see you! small world! Good luck to us!
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    Hey Luckie, I am a new grad LVN and I am applying for prison jobs too. I was wondering if you could tell me what the self-asseessment is like? I created an acct and now I need to do the assessment but I dont know what to expect so I am scared to do it lol thanks for your help!
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    OMG Sorry for the late response. I have been working 6 days a week alternating shifts :/ I assume you already didi the test and found that it was easy and no even a "test". How are you? are you working?
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    Hey luckie..
    Yes I found out it wasn't a 'test' and felt stupid for even asking haha I applied to CMF, San Quentin & Folsom but I still haven't heard anything back. How fast did everything happen for you?
    So did you get the job or did you find work somewhere else? As of now I have only applied to the 3 prisons and 2 long term facilities but I haven't heard anything back from any of the place :/
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    Hey luckie for some reason it wont let me respond to your message, if you don't mind messaging me your email I could write you back. Thanks!
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    I have an interview this Thursday at San Quentin. I'm quite nervous and have a lot of questions. How was your interview? Did you get hired? How is it working for the CA correctional system?

    Any help you or advice you can pass on would be greatly appreciated.

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    How long did it take from the time you applied until they called you for an interview? I am looking into correctional nursing myself and looking at Vacaville, but San Quentin pays more...any advice to when you applied, the "test" you have to take online, etc is most appreciated. I am a new grad and desperate to find a job soon!

    Thank you in advance

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