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Hey Everyone, Does anybody know the average salary for a corrections nurse and/or how it compares to hospital pay. Also, do you usually need a certain amount of RN experience? I've been an RN for about 5 months now and working... Read More

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    Quote from bsweilrn
    I left staff nursing in Major ER/trauma center to go to corrections.
    I have been here ~9mo, and make ~50K annually. I have 15 yrs of experience, and a BSN.
    The pay is ~2K less base pay than hospital, but good differentials and vacation time.
    Also the pace is much slower. (I am at work now)
    But RN's(at least here) are treated the same as LPN's and Medical assistance with only a few exceptions.
    Pretty mindless work for the pay.
    You are at work now? I have not heard of a correctional facility that allows electronic gadgets or email. Big security risk, at least, they think so in New York State.
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    Well I take my hat off to those nurses who work in correctional facilities all over America - particularly the maximum security prisions. You must be very tough indeed.
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    I'm in Maryland, and work for CMS. As an RN my base is 31/h, but I work evenings and make 38/h, nights is 41/h. When I worked nights at the hospital I made about 30/h. The autonomy is great, the potential to have emergency siutations is exciting, and I'm one of those that has just honed my clinical skills even more by having to draw my own blood, do my own EKGs, etc.....I hope to work here for a long time.
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    This thread is so far off topic I have closed it.

    It will be reopened later today after a clean up
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    This thread has been off topic for quite a while. It was started in 2006 so I've decided to leave it closed

    If you want to discuss salaries can I suggest that a new thread is started

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