Correctional nursing opportunities - page 2

Hi, I'm an RN who recently got 2 job offers as a correctional nurse on a state prison and a psych nurse in a psych hospital. Im really leaning towards the correctional nurse job however I wonder what... Read More

  1. by   straw12
    Hey Tom,

    I've got an interview in a week from now for a per diem position at SF county jail number 5. This would be my first job out of nursing school (UPenn's second degree program). I was hoping I could contact you to briefly chat about what lies ahead (interview and job scope). I'm excited to experience prison nursing and I think I will subtly enjoy the challenge. Hope to hear from you before Tuesday.

  2. by   karrikon
    What I am learning is that they also use Psych NP's in the prisons. And, you can work for a certain number of years and get your loans paid for in Health care Corps. This is happening in NC where I live and other states. I have an interview tomorrow for correctional nursing LPN. Let us know what you decide.
  3. by   karrikon
    I am from So. Cal but living in NC and wanting to move back to the Bay area. Does Cali still use LPN's in corrections? I am hoping to get my RN before I move back. Just curious and appreciate any help!