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Hello everyone, Just wanted to say thanks first off to all of these wonderful threads! I have been reading them vigorously trying to get an idea what it's really like to work with inmates and I'e... Read More

  1. by   cooked123
    YAY!!!! Congratulations Jaymee...I'm so glad you let us all know the outcome.
  2. by   cooked123
    Sonya, Thank you for the book recommendation! I am considering corrections...Folsom. I will be moving home to CA after 30 years in Ohio, so thought I might go with a Travel company you think this is a good idea or is it favorable to simply aply to the facilities? Do they have relo packages? Anyone know, or know who to ask?

    Thank you ALL; this has be a tremendous, sharing site. I am learning all the time, and wil continue to do so.
  3. by   PHNJaymee
    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to check in and let you know how my first couple weeks have gone. Which over all for the most part, has been good. The RN's I've paired up with have all been great.

    It's deffn. been a big change, but I'm taking it all in well. I was in the Navy before and a lot of it reminds me of the military. Lots of testosterone between the inmates and the CO's, but I do well in that environment.

    Just been rotating through the different units, and going to trainings. Went through a PSU (assuming that's a universal term- pysch area) unit today and had a great day. Did a bunch of blood draws this AM, and helped with the nurse line (a clinic where inmates come through with minor problems)- although the last 2 lines a guy who went out to a hospital code 3 which is serious...

    No probs with the inmates personally yet. I don't go out of my way to interact with them, but say hello, and respond when they do. I have been talking to them like normal patients for the most part, and they have responded well to me so far.

    Anyways.... just a little update! Hope all is well with correctional nursing elsewhere! This site helped me out a lot.

    I also read the book "Games Criminals Play" which helped tremendously for preperation on the inmates mindsets. I highly recommend it!
  4. by   PHNJaymee
    And again thanks so much for all your advice (don't know why, but I didn't see the 2nd page of postings before). I did check out the lockdown video.... thankyou! I haven't been able to see the dorm areas, and more like housing units yet. Crazy stuff!
  5. by   AA0622
    hi phnjaymee, i am not sure if you are still checking your thread... i hope you do... just wanted to see how things are going for you at folsom state prison after 2 years. are you still working there? how was your experience? i just got a job offer (rn) there as a new grad kind of ... i worked at snf for almost a year and decided to move on to correctional nursing. any advice would be appreciated! thanks!