Correctional agency nurse,plsss help!!!!!!

  1. 0 I got hired through agency to work in vacaville state prision starting next wk. I'm gonna have my orientation for bout 4 to 5 wks. That's gonna b everday from 8 to 5. Soooooo...... Which means I have to give up my other jobs for this prision job. My questions are
    1. Am I gonna get lots hrs to work in prision after I'm done with my orientation? Since I have to give up my other two part time jobs for this one.
    2. If my work performance is good, am I gonna have a chance to get hired by vacavlle prision directly through state? Since my name is already in prision system, my rank is 2.
    This is a real hard decision to make , can anyone help me plssssss? I really.appreciated. Btw, my agency made it sound like they need lots lvns, and I can work many hrs..... Is.that true? Help me pls.....I'm really lost at this point!!!!!!!
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    hey-- i work in a correctional facility on li and let me tell you if you do a job good at the prison and show that you are a team player, you will get the keys to the jail. i know--- i did!!!!! good luck get back to me for more info....or if you just want to talk
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    Hello malenurse, thank u very much for ur reply. That's my plan, work hard in prision , and hopfully prision can hire me directly. Do u know does agency nurse gets lots of hrs working in prision ? btw, ru saying u got hired by state when u were working as an agency nurse? Or u were saying u have seen things
    Like this happened before?
    Thanks again !!!!!
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    I am on my 3rd day of agency RN correctional facility orientation have been told agency nurses more times than not get 40hrs/wk and several opportunities for overtime for CNAs/LVNs/RNs. Its a great opportunity and giving up other jobs is a risk with the possibility of gaining a great permanent job or at least great experience. I jumped at the chance. I will update with my experience after a couple of months of working at prison here in Southern California.

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