1. Hi. Hoping for some feedback on the best way to deal with this. I work in a psych hospital run by the depart. of corrections. Recently we have had an influx of patients to the unit I work on. While most of these are fine there are a few that I feel are not stable enough to be on this unit (minimum security). We have had them yell and scream at the nurses,refuse meds, knock over equipment on purpose, accuse the medical and correctional staff of poisoning them. We have one that reports hearing voices, he has no PRN's that I can give him and won't tell me what the voices are saying so I don't know if this makes him a threat or not. All in all very frustrating. I have gone the the treatment team and the unit directors as have the other nurses. They refuse to do anything, although they have asked the officers on numerous occasions to keep certain patients away form their room becausethey are intrusive and bothersome. I am almost at the point of asking to change units and have at times been scared that these patients might hurt me or someone else. Any thoughts on how to deal with this would be appreciated.
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  3. by   bymysoultosqueezeRN
    if your treatment team didn't do anything about it try addressing the issue with the dept of corrections, speak to a Lt or even the captain or chief. Where I work at DOC can override treatment team's orders as far as housing goes. SAFETY FIRST. Good luck
  4. by   Conqueror+
    I would start by getting a little journal and documenting everything that happens to make you feel unsafe. Also document EVERY phone call or face to face that you have with someone regarding the situation. Then just go up the chain of command with your concerns IN WRITING. It's just like your patient documentation, if it's not written it didn't happen. I have seen admin get amnesia and play dumb when something bad happens. I hope this helps you.