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Hi, Gang: I'm collecting a compendium of Interview Questions and best answers for folks prepping for a correctional nursing job interview. Could you chime in with yours even if you might have posted... Read More

  1. by   lucymcgillicuddy78
    I love how this thread has been active since 2009!!! I was not thinking of correctional nursing as an option for me but after reading all the comments and seeing how supportive everyone is with one another, I may start to consider it.
  2. by   leeleejean04
    A few interview questions I can recall--

    What are you strengths and weaknesses?

    An order of priority question as far as who you would take care of first (a, b, c,d) ---cannot recall specifics.
    a. chest pain
    b. triage call of inmate who sprained ankle in the yard
    c. scheduled dressing change
    --can't remember d.

    I had a question about administering insulin to an inmate who's blood glucose was 42. He states his blood sugar is always that low. What do you do?

    Something along the lines of: How do you set your goals for the day and how do you accomplish them?

    Describe how you care for patients with mental health disorders and those with a low IQ

    That's all I can remember..for now!
  3. by   aleyshacLPN
    Hi everyone! I am an LPN living in Canada and I just had my interview at a pre trial centre. I read through this entire thread a few days ago and really prepped for the interview and a ton of stuff on this thread was mentioned, so thank you everyone! my interview went really well and i left with all the documentation to fill out to get the hiring process going woohoo!

    some of the questions that i can remember were:

    - what would your coworkers say your strengths were related to work?
    - what are some of your weaknesses?
    -why do you want to work in corrections?
    - what experience as a nurse do you have that would contribute to the role of a corrections nurse?
    - name a time you had a conflict with a coworker and how you resolved it?
    -you are administering medications to your patient, and they say they have never seen this drug or taken this drug before. What do you do?
    -you are administering medications and your patient normally gets a half pill, but you realize afterwards you gave them a whole pill. what do you do?
    - how do you think health care differs in this setting?
    - if you are faced with a stressful situation in the workplace, what do you do? how do you handle stress?
    - name the 5 rights of medication
    -name one drug from each of these classes: antipsychotic, anti anxiety, anti hypertensive, anti hyperglycaemic, anti depressant, narcotic

    there was a few other questions but i can't remember them all. Thank you everyone who posted on this thread. i hope some of my input helps!