Clinical Skills needed?!

  1. Hey guys I'm just wondering, I understand that correctional nursing really emphasized nursing assessment skills, what about other skills? Would an RN lose a deal of their clinical skills like IV insertion, catheter insertion, suctioning, etc.? What kind of clinical skills would an RN expect to use in the correctional setting? I'm reading a lot of comparisons to a doctor's clinic and not to be insulting to nurses in a doctors clinic I notice they mostly do assessment, vital signs and health education (sometimes), no other "hands-on" skills needed before the doctor comes in and sees you. I'm considering correctional nursing but at the same time I want a well-rounded experience, I don't want to be that nurse that is great at assessment but can't put in an IV even if my life depended on it.
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  3. by   MIKALA68
    Hi I have worked corrections both CA state prisons & county jails. Strong assessment skills are needed. Jail setting could be male/female intake, ETOH & heroin detox. I've worked sacramento & contra costa jails not a lot of IV's. However had blood draws pretty routine. Note inmate/pts. in jail are volatile they're arrested after taking drugs or heavy drinking. Psych pts. maybe off meds. Lots of non compliance with HTN & diabetes. Prison work- depends where u are assigned. ER, clinic, psych, in pt. hospital etc. I would volunteer to put in the next IV to keep skills up. Inmates are manipulative always be aware of your safety. Only give what is ordered by doctors. I don't recommend this job if your a new grad. 6 mos-1yr of med surg or some other type of nursing. It is true in corrections you do see bad nursing.
  4. by   it's hot in phoenix
    I have worked the hospital setting a longer than corrections, but correctional job is where I have mastered my triage skills, hands down. When you have limited resources, you learn real quick, to pay attention and prevent a small issue turning into a code. Inmates are alot sicker and judges are not letting them off easy, just because they are sick. We have ports to access, dialysis patients, end stage whatever organ you choose patients and the list goes on. Good Luck in your choice!