1. Can anyone give me a reason why a nurse would do a cavity search???
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  3. by   LorrySchoenlyRNPhD
    Cavity searches for custody purposes that do not benefit the patient in any medical way should not be done by health staff who are also responsible for inmate population healthcare.

    NCCHC Standard I-03 - Forensic Information

    Health services staff are not involved in the collection of forensic information except when....conducting body cavity searchs...when done for medical purposes by a physician's order.

    A medical purpose might be that the item could cause a medical condition if left in place, or the patient is having symptoms of an overdose that could be due to a 'stash' in a cavity being absorbed, etc.

  4. by   geode19947
    Thank you for your response...makes sense!
  5. by   NurseLite
    Cavity searches are a security, not a medical issue. As nurses, we are not trained, nor are we trained in the security of an inmate should the inmate resist. We may stand-by in case of emergency, but all-in-all, cavity searches are for trained security staff.
  6. by   S.Gettes
    Unless there is a good medical reason for a medical professional to perform any kind of search internally on a prisoner there is no need for a nurse to perform a cavity search. Cavity searches are done to ensure the safety of all involved at the prison. To check for contriband items such as weapons, drugs and many other things that you may not expect to find hidden inside a persons rectum. Generally a cavity search is not done without need because when an inmate is concealing something in their rectum, especially if it is a weapon or an amount of drugs such as cocaine, ice, speed etc (which they have sealed in a condom or other wrapping) they will be reluctant to do the squat and cough for risk of it coming out, or in the case of a weapon, especially a sharp one, the risk of severe injury and pain. Under no circumstances should you be required to do a cavity search, if however something goes wrong in removal of a sharp object then you may be required to step in and provide assistance.