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Hi..I am thinking of taking a position in San Quentin or Folsom/ Sacramento...if you work there would love some feedback about how you enjoy your work, working for the state etc...thanks!... Read More

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    not sure of what you mean.
    if the same prison has a psyc dept and a med department, the RN's within the same prison get the same exact pay.

    what you may be asking is this.
    California Medical Facility and Salinas Valley (both prisons) rent space inside to dept of mental health.

    Not quite sure about Salinas anymore, but since they count as a bay area prison, they get 9200 a month, the Dmh nurses i think still only get 7600.

    At CMF in Vacaville, the prison RN's get 8400 and the DMH nurses in the same prison get 7600.

    so in that way, prison nurses get more than 'psyc' nurses.

    that would be only in those 2 prisons.
    otherwise in everyother prison the pay would be the same since DMH only rents from those 2 prisons.

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    san quintin, salinas valley, california training facilility (also in salinas) are the 3 prisons that get 8000-9200 a month.
    all other prisons the range is 7000-8400 a month.

    within Salinas Valley and within California Medical Facility in vacaville, Dept of Mental Health rents space.
    they pay their RN at Vacaville 7600, and Salinas i think 8000.

    If you don't want to work in a prison.
    Napa State Hospital, Atascadero, Patton and Metro will be getting 8000 a month in january if you rather work forensic.
    As far as I know, the state Dev. Centers will also be gettting 8000 a month, if you rather work with developmental disabled clients.
    i also believe that the state veterans homes, (not to be confused with VA) are going to get the 8000 a month in january also.

    for me i'm quitting prison and forensic and going to work for the state Veterans.

    who would i rather take care of, veterans or criminals?

    now the pay is close to equal, easier decision.
    plus i maintain my california retirement.
    where in the VA i lose it.
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    Hi Tirzo; I am a new grad RN. I am also a veteran and would like to ask you how I can get information about working for State Veteran Homes.. Can you tell me more about it?
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    Is the State hiring nurses? I am currently looking. I want to move to the Bay area. What about San Francisco jail system?
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    anyone working in Orange County, Ca. Jail Correctional Facilities?
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    To those wanting to work in the CA state prison system:

    Go to the CA State website and from there follow the links. You need to take a 'test' online which is really just an inquiry into your experience. I applied last December, got called for an interview in April and started in May at San Quentin State Prison.

    Good luck!
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    I already did that in October.
    Did you take the job at San Quentin? If so, are you happy you did? That is where I would like to work, but I would also like to work in the S.F. jail system.
    Have a good day.
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    I just started working at Coalinga State Hospital Nov.3 2008 and they lowered the pay for any nurses who started working there after Oct. 18, 2008. The pay went from 7224.00 to 6625.00 a month.
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    veterans home of california.

    as far as i know, part of the new contract is that all state mental hospitals, of which coalinga is, the rate is going up to 8000.
    the union fought for it.
    the union agreement is that we will get within 5% of the prison pay.
    if you are new maybe does not apply till after your first year.

    that rate also includes veterans, and Dev. disabled hospitals.
    they just have 2.0 vs. 2.5 retirement of prison and mental health.
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    Quote from RNCCHP
    Is the State hiring nurses? I am currently looking. I want to move to the Bay area. What about San Francisco jail system?
    i'd not work the jail system.
    from the people i have talked to when i was at the state prisons, and they did both, county and city jails are alot harder and hectic.
    state prison for the most part is much smoother.

    still, how rewarding is it working with convicts.
    i myself after three years could not get around that.
    i went to school to be an RN for a different reason, I dont' like being told i can't care.
    and i just could no longer justify in my head careing for rapists and murders, when our veterans need us.
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