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Anyone currently trying to get hired at a CA state hospital or prison? I'd like to connect with anyone currently going through the process or interested. Had an interview and my references were... Read More

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    Hi Cobee and JoopingggBSN!I'm in same position as you both,i had my interview in Jan,9 too and on the second day analyst called me and ask to submit my references again,,.After that my references on the third day called me and tell that they received call from Coalinga.But now already 9 weeks passed and i didn't receive any result from them,I'm so worry.How about you both,you already work there or wait?If you know something new about process can you reply.Thank you so much.

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    Anyone get job offer after they called reference's? I had interview this past Tuesday with Donovan San Diego and they called some of my references on Wednesday. Just curious of how many of those they followed up on references received job offer. Thanks
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    Anyone working at Stockton state hospital or CHCF?
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    Hi apoppyfield,
    I have not heard from you back for a while. How's everything going? did you get the job?
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    Hi Bluesky, Yes I got the good news and am hoping to connect with other employees working there. Sent you a pm to catch up.
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    Hi Cobee, I just received the call to interview in ca couple weeks. is the examination an actual test or is it the interview that they call an "examination" ? It is all quite confusing, and if you could clarify, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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