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Has anyone here worked for Armor Correctional Healthcare Services? Tell me your thoughts and post your experience. I am so happy to have landed a job with them--they seem like the pre-eminent healthcare service for corrections.... Read More

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    We toured the jail, but no hands on yet. Waiting for my first IM experience.

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    Did you feel "locked in" "claustrophobic" ? I swear I think the worst of jails, lol... Maybe its no where near as bad as I think.Me and my friend have so much in common and she stresses how much she LOVES working in jail. Well, she actually works at Rikers, not sure if they are the same but I assume jail is jail... just like hospitals are hospitals.
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    I worked for Armor for 3 years while they held our contract in Escambia County. I started off as a medical assistant on the night shift, and with their help and ecouragement (not to mention tuition reimbursement, not a lot, but it helped), I went back to school, while working, to get my LPN. The admin staff was wonderful with adjusting my schedule for class and clinicals.
    They offer tons of education! They are also very proactive with making sure that the nurses are comfortable with their positions and offer extra training if need be. Their pay rates are very competitive, especially since we were located in an area that the cost of living had tripled, but wages had not.

    Good luck!
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    I filled out the application for armor agency,3 weeks ago, still waiting. Worked for corrections before, would love to work there. Its also close to home. Please any suggestions. Is there anyone at the correctional facility i could contact, need a per diem,part time job asap.
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    I know it's been a while since this thread started but I have an interview with them next week. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also how is the pay over there .?

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