advice on LA county Sheriff RN exam

  1. 0 hi! i have a written exam for the RN 1 position at LA county sheriff dept. next week.
    can anybody give me tips/advice on what the test is all about. any input will be appreciated. Thanks! have a good day ya'll!
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    Hi, Same here I have one July 11th 2013.. I have no clue what to expect.. I am wondering if its NCLEX style.. haahahah
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    hey, mine is scheduled on july 11 too. what time is your exam?
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    hi, it is @1pm
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    hi, @ 1pm, urs? have u any clues as to how the test will be?
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    Just took the test @ 8AM today... Good luck to you guys! I didn't ask when we should expect results back...if you find out please post it... Thanks! :-)
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    just wondering if you guys took the exam? what was it like? I have applied and they told me to fax my BLS card to them and I did but they haven't called me in for an exam.
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    @ NewGradRN 77, They said 4-6 weeks for results. RitaRN27, the exam was somewhat like NCLEX, it was a bit of everything. It was 80+ questions with a mixture of calculations as well. It included a lot of topics; just like the description indicated...
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    Thanks John! Keep in touch! Post when you get your results... I will as well :-)
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    @NewGrad77, I will post when i get them and hopefully its good news. See you here in about a month...
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    good luck everyone that's taken the exam already!
    My exam is scheduled next week, July 23, 2011. Does anyone have tips on how to study for this? Is there a study guide posted somewhere?

    Also: Is it a written exam (fill in the blanks/essays) or multiple choice?
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    Hey Guys how did your test go any advise pleasseee!!
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    Okay, i just got a notification for my exam date. I am a bit worried as to how to prepare. Any suggestions? Anything I should look out for? is there any sort of study guide?

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