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i thought i'd start a thread for those of us applying to yale for the fall of 2011 :-)... Read More

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    Has anyone seen oncology interviews sent out? I have yet to find someone. Werid

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    Agreed & I responded to your post on the other thread...I haven't seen an oncology besides you & me...I know someone who's a guest speaker & alumni of Yale, said that I should wait until tomorrow...They will sometimes give the acceptances to those out of state first :-)

    Hopefully, she's right!!
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    Angiebaby 24
    I don't know what's up with this Oncology thing, but I am from California so I don't think that has anything to do with it. I am wondering if they decided not to go forward with Oncology this year? I saw on their website that they weren't accepting applications for critical care NP, so I am wondering if maybe thats what happened with Oncology. I e-mailed admissions and asked if anyone had been selected for Oncology and/or if they were still having the program. Hopefully they get back to me soon about it.
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    Quote from eburke1122
    Interview is on Jan 20th for Pediatrics. Anyone else out there??
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    @SaraNH: I am interviewing for Women's Health. Got the email Dec. 15. Have you heard yet? Good luck!
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    Eeek, good luck to everyone on their interviews! I'm still trying to prep for mine this Thursday (pediatrics!)...I'm doing a phone interview though; does anyone know how long the interview goes for? 30-min? 1-hour?
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    Amalay: The in person interviews were in 30 minute time blocks...but they said that they purposely made them shorter b/c all of the info sessions they offered that day allowed us to ask questions, which usually happened during the interview portion. Good luck!
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    Thanks so much Allie11. Had my interview last Thursday...now the wait to here back. Gosh I'm so nervous!

    On another note - has anyone mailed in their financial aid apps already? Are we supposed to mail in our apps before we even know if we are going to be accepted or rejected? I was told the deadline was February 4th so I recently mailed my application in -- but the problem is I used Express and sent it to their PO Box address. Do you think someone is there to sign or will it just bounce back to me?
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    hello everyone. i'm kate. i just found this thread and thought i'd join in. i'm applying - taking the GRE's on 09/29/2011. has anyone decided on their specialty? kate.

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