Yale GEPN Fall 2010

  1. Okay, I know it's early, but Yale is my first choice, and I'm already terrified that I'm going to screw it up. My goal is New England (although I'm also applying to Pace because they have this Science Summer thing for those of us who haven't taken anatomy yet), and I want to be a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner.

    I eventually want to either have a mobile clinic for poorer older folks who can't afford more traditional options or who are home-bound, or make home-calls in some other way.

    I think Yale will help me get there, but I don't think I'll get in. I have a lower GPA (but still above a 3.0) from UC Santa Cruz, and I spent the last two years teaching in Taiwan, only to find out I don't like teaching very much. I'm taking my GREs in three weeks and I'm starting some prereqs this summer.

    I'm also applying to Simmons, Pace, Northeastern, MGH and Boston College.

    Before I ramble on any longer, anyone else applying?
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  3. by   jjsrn1
    What an awesome goal! :-) I'm applying to Yale as well (FNP track), but it's not my first choice. I wouldn't worry about getting in too much. I've heard of some people being accepted with C's. Just do the best you possibly can! Good luck! :-)
  4. by   apalmer31
    Good Luck! I am also applying to Yale for 2010. My top choice is UCSF, but I would like to be a midwife and it is highly competitive. I am wishing for the best and keeping my options open. Hopefully this will be a good forum when the time gets closer and nerves run high.
  5. by   girl.w/useless.b.a.
    Hopefully this will be a good forum when the time gets closer and nerves run high.
    That's exactly what I'm hoping!
  6. by   mlajoy
    Hi there! Please keep in mind that Yale (as with many other schools) looks at the entire package. I am a current student (used to be on the FNP track, but switched to Adult/Geriatrics...absolutely love it!!!). Just do your best in everything...YOU are a make up of your grades, extracurriculars/activities, professional/academic experiences, GRE scores, etc...one does not weigh more than the other. My GPA was just above a 3.0; my GRE scores were just 'ok'; and I had very meaningful academic & professional experiences. Always attempt your personal best and that will never steer you wrong!

    Best of luck to you all!!! ~Mee
  7. by   Den1978
    Hello everyone:

    I am also considering in applying to Yale for 2010. I read on there website that they don't require any pre-reqs just the GRE... I am worried due to that I have a 2.9 B.S and 3.3 MBA.. I was thinking of taking a course to life my score to 3.0-3.2 at least.

    I am thinking on the pediatric specilaty track and FNP. I just got my HHA and going to start working part-time to gain some experience in the medical field.

    How competitive is Yale? I saw someone above mentioned being accepted with Cs.

    Any tips would be great;-)
  8. by   girl.w/useless.b.a.
    Any tips would be great;-)

    I started taking statistics and basic biology (because I avoided math and science at all costs during my B.A.) about two weeks ago...and I love it! All I can think of is "Why didn't I do this the first time around?"

    Does anyone have any fun backstories? Why Yale for you guys?
  9. by   GlobalGouda
    Hi guys!

    Im happy to see some other people who have jumped the gun a bit on applying to MSN programs. I got back from the Peace Corps last fall and have been taking my prereqs and living at home ever since. I think that Yale is also my top choice because I have heard so many good things about the close-knit nature of the program. I went to a medium sized urban undergrad school in DC and felt so lost that I really would value guidance from my professors in grad school. I am also applying to Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and NYU. I have switched around a lot, but I think Ill apply for the FNP program as well. I am also planning to apply for a dual degree (MSN/MPH), with an MPH concentration in health policy or microbial epidemiology. Anyone else planning to apply for an MSN/MPH? My scores and all that a decent, but Im still really nervous about my apps because I want to get into these programs SOO badly.

    Good luck, and cant wait to go through the process with yall!
  10. by   maziemoo22
    Hey guys,
    I found this forum and I figured I'd join the discussion I am also applying for the 2010 gepn program at Yale. I am so nervous and I have been working on my essay forever (so many things to be addressed!) I'm so nervous because this is like the only program I'm applying to and my GRE's were sub par but I want this more than anything. I'm going for the adult psychiatric NP program. Anyone else in the same situation as me haha?
  11. by   Jen810
    Hi Ladies!
    I'm applying to Yale's GEPN Midwifery track. And guess what? I'M WIGGING OUT! (Glad I'm not alone!)

    I used to work at the Seattle Midwifery School, assist Penny Simkin's Childbirth Education series, and was a pro-bono Doula all in my senior year at Seattle University. But what else did I do at school? Kind of bounce around. My undergrad is about a 3.0, and now I'm having to stress about GREs.

    I'm just realizing how little I know about the way they work. Anyone know what's my best bet for prep? I live in Sacramento, CA; and no wayyy can I afford a Kaplan course.

    Good luck to everyone. I hope we all meet in New Haven soon!
  12. by   maziemoo22
    who are you calling a lady :P haha
  13. by   girl.w/useless.b.a.
    Hey, all. How are you guys doing on your GREs? I hate the fact that all they say is "over 1000." Somehow, that's not terribly useful for me.
  14. by   maziemoo22
    Yeah, I did terrible on my GRE's. I was going to re-take them again, but the director of admissions said that it seems that in her experience they will not increase that much. So I'm relying on my GPA and experience. I didn't get over 1,000. I got 900 :/