What to wear to interview at Hosp for Central CT

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    I was wondering what would be appropriate to wear for an interview at Hospital for Central CT. I have seen a lot of posts say that wear what is appropriate for the facility but I have never been there before and don't know how casual or formal they are. Since its in the 90's now, a black pant suit might be too hot and I may look overdressed. What do you think? Anyone work there or have any input about dressing for hosp interviews in the summer.
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    I have 2 next week. I'm wearing a skirt suit. I don't care how hot it is, my car has ac, and I'm assuming the hospital will have ac. I'd rather err on the side of conservative and go with a suit.
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    Thanks me too I decided on a skirt suit instead of a pant suit. Good luck!!
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    Overdress is best. Hospital want professional nurses who they can rely on to work on their units.