What items do you need to transfer a RN license from NY to CT?

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    What documents/items do you need to transfer a Registered Nurse License from New York to Connecticut? I recently passed my exam that I took in a different city but now I want to transfer that License to where I live. Is it hard for a new RN with no experience to find a job in CT?
    Also, any advice on how I could possibly land on a job as a new RN would be appreciated?

    Thanks for the help!

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    I would think you need to call the BON in CT. But I ahve never transferred a licence, I am just thinking thats where I would start.
    Good luck in your new state!
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    Well I have and already lived in CT my whole life. I was just attending a Princeton Review in Wisconsin. Do you need to send in a college transcript because I have already attempted the NCLEX RN in CT several times. Thanks for your help!
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    You should contact the BON directly and ask what their process entails.
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    Check the BON website out and see what is required to endorse license
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    i did check and it says u need a copy of the nursing education. im a foreign graduate do i need to call my school or will CT BON get it from my school automatically
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    You need to check with the BON as most require you to meet requirements as if applying initially and if a CES report is required you have to arrange for transcripts to be sent to CGFNS along with your application and any other documents CGFNS require
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    You need to call your school and have then send it directly. I just finished the process a couple of weeks ago
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    But the state of ct already has it since i tested there already
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    Quote from ilove
    But the state of ct already has it since i tested there already
    Then I suggest you contact them as they should already have paperwork

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