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Hi everyone...anyone :-)Anyone applying or applied for UCONN for the 2013 MEIN class? Looking for others to share the nail-bitting experience with!!... Read More

  1. by   alaboringstart
    Hi Uconn2013! Congrats on getting in!! Which campus (since they're all UCONN :-) ?Welcome to the forum antd113!! Do you recall when you sent all of your documentation (meaning before June 30)? Perhaps the delay in their response is due to the holiday. :-/ From what I can tell, they do take some time in responding. As far as contacts, the only ones I know are listed on the MEIN website. :-( I know how you feel & hopefully you'll hear back from them soon!!
  2. by   uconn2013
    Yes I will be attending the Storrs campus. Sorry, I must have overlooked that when writting my last post. The answering machine for the MEIN program states to contact ******, after 2 attempts she did reply to my email. Just be persistant you will get a response.
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  3. by   antd113
    Thanks for the advice. I ended up getting in contact with someone (to be honest, I'm not sure who they are, never saw their name on any MEIN contact stuff, etc), and she confirmed all my materials were recieved, and she would get back to me at the end of next week, which didn't happen. I'm going to start to get more persistent like you suggest.
    I sent in my materials around June 20th, and recieved confirmation that I was all set for review, but then heard nothing for the past 3+ weeks, so I'm getting nervous. UCONN's my first choice, and I really want to start planning my fall/next year (I know I seem I'm getting ahead of myself).
    Congratulations to everyone who has heard back and has gotten in! I'm hoping to join you all soon enough. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  4. by   nme1217
    Hi antd113- ******* was very helpful. Have you emailed her rather than calling? I totally understand wanting/needing to know ASAP so you can plan ahead! For me,I'm out of state and need to move during december most likely, so i was realllly nervous while waiting to hear back! I would definitely suggest emailing *** if you haven't already. But, I'm sure you will be fine! I bet your application was received the week or so right before the deadline and I would imagine thats when there is a big influx in applications being sent in. I think you will be fine! What are your campus preferences?
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  6. by   antd113
    Thanks for all of your advice! I heard back yesterday and I got into the Storrs campus! I'm so excited!! Storrs was my first choice, with Stamford as my second. I would commute to Stamford, but I felt that since Storrs is getting that new simulation lab the nursing school is taking a reboot, it would pay off with the new technology up there. I'm pumped and now I can start planning for 2013!
  7. by   alaboringstart
    Yay, antd113!! Congratulations and Welcome to the incoming class!! Goodluck to those waiting for the August reviews!
  8. by   alaboringstart
    Thought of the day...Waiting to hear back from the school so we can prepare for things like orientation and finaid, etc is almost as cliff-hanging as waiting for the acceptance/rejection letter!
  9. by   MEINstudent
    Congratulations, everyone. I am in the MEIN 2012 class, and just started the last semester.

    At least two applications (one of them mine) from my class were lost last summer. The committee meets in July of each year for the last time, so if anyone is still awaiting a letter, you should call them asap. Last summer, during their final meeting for the 2012 school year, the committee never saw my application because it was left in an untouched pile on someone's desk. Thankfully, when I brought that to someone's attention, they reviewed it and admitted me. Same thing happened to one of my classmates. The program is very disorganized, but I think there are plenty of spots for anyone qualified to attend.

    Good luck!
  10. by   alaboringstart
    Hi MEINstudent!Thanks for the headsup about the program! Sorry to hear your admissions process wasnt smooth:-( Hopefully this will improve in the future. Other than admissions, what has your experience within the program been?
  11. by   mac05032
    My admissions process didn't go so well either - I had originally been accepted for the 2011 class but they lost my acceptance of their offer to join the class...so I got shunted to the 2012 class. Not the end of the world but very distressing and disappointing at the time. My advice is to keep on them - definitely call rather than email too - and make sure everything has been received and reviewed. They just finished remodeling the School of Nursing building so hopefully they will be a little more organized going forward.

    It's been a good experience over all - it's just the program's disorganization that gets irritating after a while. They also tell you to buy an incredible amount of books, uniforms, supplies etc etc etc so you are hemorrhaging money all year - better save up . It is really intense and it will be your life almost 24/7 for the whole year - but you learn a lot. I'd be happy to tell you what you do and don't actually have to buy once they give you that terrible list towards the start of the program.

    MEIN 2012 student, Storrs
  12. by   alaboringstart
    Hi Everyone!September is upon and hopefully all those who applied for the August review are starting to hear back:-)Thanks for your feedback Melissa! Its good to hear from past/current MEIN students! I'm sure many people on this forum (including the lurkers :-) ) have a lot of questions that you guys/gals can help us future students with. Did you feel the disorganization of the admissions process also trickled into how the program was run? Also, what was your typical week in the program like?
  13. by   Ajbernier
    Hello everyone! I just joined and your comments have been very helpful. I applied to the August review but I am still currently taking my last prerequisite, so I'm very nervous. I'm hoping my GPA will get me a provisional acceptance...if they really do make those. Was anyone accepted who was still completing classes? I'm also applying to Yale as my second choice and Quinnipiac but I'm still crossing my fingers for uconn.