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    I'm sorry if this has already been answered in this thread, but I was curious if anybody currently in the CEIN program is still managing to work part time, and if so how many hours do you work per week? Do you feel you could or should be working more or less? Before I tell my employer I'll be gone come January, I'm curious how others have done with working part time during this program.
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    Hi heb!

    I started out the first semester working 10 hours/week at a corporate job - consulting type work. I had to go in twice a week * 5 hours. Sounds like not a lot, but it was hard. The time to get ready, get to work, get back from work adds up. Plus the work I did was very intellectually involved, so when I got home, I couldn't just go straight to studying, had to chill a little.

    Long story short, at the end of March I gave the job up in order to focus on studies. There is always so much going on. First and last semesters are the most intense and there is the most multitasking involved. I just couldn't pull off having a job.

    That said, there are people in the program who do some work. I dont think anybody works more than 8-10 hours.

    Now, of course, we all have different bandwidth, different memory, different org skills. So maybe some can pull it off better than others. You know yourself, so try to factor that in. Maybe, if you can, start the program, give it a month or two, see how it goes and if you feel you can handle it, then start working.
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    Thank you for your insight! I'm hoping to get decent enough loans to not have to worry too much about money (basically I'll be happy it it'll cover bills AND tuition lol), but I'd definitely like to work at least a few hours a week if possible!