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Has anyone heard back for the CEIN 2014 class??... Read More

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    They have a list of possible schools for each prerequisites on the CEIN page. Check 'em out. They are just suggestions, you are not required to take your pre-req at those schools.

    Certificate Entry into Nursing (CEIN/BS) | School of Nursing
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    Has anyone who was deferred to the 2015 class heard anything? Or has anyone applied for 2015 with the Jan 31 application deadline?
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    I applied for the January deadline this year. Reading all these posts from last year's group makes me nervous to hear because I still have quite a few prerequisites to take. However, the woman in admissions that I met with said if I had any hope of getting into Storrs to definitely apply with the January group.
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    When I asked the admissions people about applying without all prereqs finished I was specifically told that they will not even look at the application until all the classes are complete. I would have applied in August for the 2014 class but I had to take genetics and micro in the fall.
    I really don't know why they told me that because apparently looking back at others posts that that is not always the case. I wish I had been told to put the application in anyway. But I think you will actually be considered by the admissions committee once you finish the required classes. Not sure what will happen.

    I just really hope to find out soon! My nerves are killing me lol
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    It's a little tricky about the prerequisites. At the January and June review sessions, they will not review an incomplete application. So, if you've got a prereq or two, your application goes in the pile for next time. In August, there's a little more wiggle room, and they will sometimes issue a conditional acceptance if you only have one or two courses to take.

    I'm in the 2014 class, and applied during the August review with only Genetics left to take. I have never heard of anyone being accepted with two courses to go, though it is possible in theory. Right now someone in my clinical section was deferred from the 2013 class because she had only one course to take; she said it was pretty rare to get in with any courses outstanding, so I think I got lucky.

    From what I understand, this year was very competitive. I don't know what next year will look like, but someone I took micro with last year was recently accepted to the 2015 class, so I know those acceptances are out from the January review.

    Hope that helps. Good luck, everyone!
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    For anybody who got bumped to the next review cycle - did they send you a letter saying you got bumped or did you have to contact them to find out? I know some people have already heard back from the January round and I'm not sure if I should be waiting to get a letter that I'm bumped or if I should contact them now to find out.
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    Pretty sure they don't send you a letter if you are bumped to the next cycle. Go ahead and contact them to be sure (Dorine Nagy is probably the one who can help you), but you might have to call/email a few times. The instruction at UCONN is good; the organization is not (though I hear it's better than it used to be). Just be polite and persistent, and you should be able to get your answer.

    And, yes, it's true that Storrs (and Waterbury) fill up fast. Stamford and Avery Point are not as sought after. I'm pretty sure they reserve a portion of the seats for each review cycle, but I don't think they necessarily reserve an equal portion for each campus. If your prereqs will be done by June, you should be okay for Storrs, assuming you are otherwise a strong candidate. Good luck!
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    I was curious if anybody from last year's applicants has any insight for me... I was curious if anybody had issues getting financial aid (loans in particular) for a second bachelor's. I'm taking prereqs this fall at qvcc and I'm having difficulty getting financial aid because I already have a degree. Because of this, I am wondering if I'll have issues if I get into the CEIN program due to already having a bachelor's. I know everybody has different situations, but I figured I'd throw the question out there!
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    Hi heb06004,

    I am in CEIN now. You do get federal loans - no problem, unless you have exceeded your max federal loan limit with previous academics. What second degree students do not get usually is the scholarships (free money). The school did send us some scholarship options to apply for but there are only a few and they are not for a large amount. So this type of financial aid is different from what you get when you are packaged for 1st bachelors.

    Hope this helps.
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    Yes it does! Thank you! Turns out the community college just doesn't offer loans in general. >_> And the grants and scholarships aren't offered either like you mentioned as well. But of course it did make me wonder if I'd have issues with a 2nd Bachelor's, so I appreciate the firsthand knowledge.