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    HI there,
    Can anyone tell me about Torrington, CT and the surrounding area? I may be moving to that area of CT and was wondering what it was like. How is Charlotte Hungerford? There is an old thread about this hospital, but I understand there have been some management changes.
    Thanks for any info.

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    It snows A LOT in Torrington and that area (Northwest Hills of Connecticut). I'm from the Greater Hartford area but visit Torrington to attend events at the Warner Theater, which is a really, really great place to see performances. Other than that, to me, Torrington seems to be miles and miles away from major civilization...then again I'm used to being in cities like Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport. That's just me, although you may get the same feeling if you're transitioning from a bigger city.
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    Do you know anything about Charlotte Hungerford?

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    Quote from lovesnursing52
    Do you know anything about Charlotte Hungerford?


    No, sorry, I don't. All I know is that it's the largest medical center in Northwest/Northern CT.
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    Have you ever heard the expression "raggy"? Well, that explains torrington. Could be a very nice town but the population is just not educated enough. Big drug problems in town, bad schools and a lot of undesirables.

    It is an attractive town though and I think the trends are changing. I would think about Litchfield first. It is only a few minutes away, but a completely different world.

    Charlotte is considered a great place to work. They have an excellent cancer center and are tops for OB.
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    Thanks for the info. It is much appreciated.
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    Wow, raggy......I never knew that considering I do live in this town. Drug problem? let me know where exactly is the drug problem b/c I'm currious.

    In my opinion, Torrington is somewhat like other towns, they all have their good side and bad side. Many towns have their main street and etc... the only side I ever heard of that's bad is the south end but too me it's not that bad of a place that you have to lock your doors.

    You don't have to live in this town, you can live elsewhere and work here at Charlotte Hungerford. My job is in Massachusetts and I live here.... I don't know about the school but if it's what they say I cannot contest to that..

    How about living in Canton, it a very nice place approx 15-20 minutes away, much less expensive then Litchfield area....good luck.
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    Thank you for the info. I think I may be looking at Yale, New Haven, instead of Torrington.
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    There is a nice camp in Torrington CT(camp Wah-nee) on Rt 263. They always need nurses. It is open from may to sep.

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