Thinking about going into LTC, good idea? Thinking about going into LTC, good idea? | allnurses

Thinking about going into LTC, good idea?

  1. 0 A friend of mine who currently works in a nursing home has told me how much better she likes working in a nursing home rather than a hospital.

    I have been employed as a floor nurse for 15 years at a local hospital in the valley and I think its time for a change, perhaps to a slower pace environment where I can get to know the patients.

    Has anyone tried working in LTC? Did you like it, dislike it?
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    It's not a slower pace. It's like working med-surg, except you have 20 or 30 patients instead of five or six. The regulations and the paperwork can kill ya, too.
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    I thoroughly enjoy working in a nursing home. You will have more people to take care of, but they will be the same ones every day and you will get to know them and their family members very well, which is a blessing. I've met some wonderful, wonderful people. You'll celebrate their birthdays, give them a good Christmas, and hold their hands when they die. Above all, you will leave every single day knowing that you have made a difference. I wouldn't trade my job for any in the world.
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    BIG cash$$$$$$$$$ here in SNF/LTC (LPN'S)!
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    I've heard a lot of good things about Apple Health Care, very employee oriented and resident oriented. I like their "Better Life Philosophy"