State lpn programs to be closed...... Please protest - page 2

i just got this email from the director of my nursing program. please act now before its too late. pleaseeeeee... > hi nina, > > sorry to bring such stressful news during thanksgiving break - but governor rell is... Read More

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    I don't get it. There is a shortage of nursing jobs NOT nurses right now. If the state continues to churn out LPN's with the promise of jobs and prosperity where will it get any of us? There are RN's that can't find work! So where are LPN's supposed to fit in the puzzle. It's pretty simple at this point and it works in the favor of the CURRENT licensed nurses that are unemployed right now. Does it stink for anyone wishing to get into a less expensive nursing program? YES, but what is the alternative? Let things get back on track then add more to the flock, please.
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