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St Vincents Students- A&P, Micro Question

  1. 0 So, I am deciding on whether or not to apply to the St. Vincents nursing program.
    I know I will have to test out of A&P and Micro as I have already taken all of them. I lookd online and could only find old posts about the testing process.
    I noticed that St. Vincents started offering Review classes for each subject. I was wondering if anyone has taken then- and then passed the exam. I'm assuming the review classes are helpful- I was just wondering if people found it easier to just take the class.
    Any advice?
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    Everyone I know who's taken that comp test for A&P has failed. Some had JUST had A&P at another school so the info was still "fresh" per se. I doubt a refresher class would have helped as they had just taken the much fresher could it get (and many had A's in the CC A&P)

    I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I'll be taking my AP's at St. V's.
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    Three women in my NUR124 class took the comp test and passed the test. So, it is worth looking into.
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    I am at St.V's and from what I have heard from just about everyone (staff/students) is that pretty much no one passes the comp tests. I am sure that it is possible to pass just highly unlikely. I would try taking the test ASAP and just plan on re-taking the courses in the fall if you don't pass... but I would hurry up, you don't want to let too much time go by if you're planning on attending in the fall, as a&p classes tend to fill up pretty quickly and there is a process you have to go to if you have not yet applied to the school. Good luck!