St Vincent's..anybody RECENTLY apply?

  1. I am a bit confused. On the St V website, on the Nursing admission requirements it says "An admission requirement for the nursing major is high school chemistry and biology or equivalent within the past five years with a grade of "C" or better."

    I called and spoke with who I believe was the Director of Admissions. When I inquired about what the minimum level college bio and chem was needed he stated..basic chem and a human bio..and he added "they don't even have to have labs with them". Humm, really? Thats odd, all the other programs state that Bio w/Lab and Chem w/Lab are required..ok..if you say so

    He also gave the deadline for applications for admission, I told him that I still needed to get my Bio & Chem done as they didn't fall within the 5 year or less requirement. He told me that I could still apply and I could do those classes while I was in the program. Now, for those who think I misheard him, I stated back to him exactly what he said to me and he replied "yes" I had also called a few days prior inquiring about something else and the woman in the admissions office who answered also said, be sure to apply by July 16 to be eligible for consideration for the Sept 2010 class that will be starting. I told her that the chances of me getting the Bio and Chem done by that date was impossible. She too stated, oh that doesn't matter, you can still apply and be accepted. You can do those classes while in the program. I even repeated, these are the two REQUIRED courses for admission, NOT classes that are taken the first yr of the program. She said she understood that and that it didn't matter, if i had completed both Chem and Bio, I could still apply and still be considered for admission.

    Now, how does that make any sense? Both the "general admission" requirements for the college AND the RN program both specifically state that Bio and Chem are needed for application.

    Sorry so long winded to my question..has anyone applied to St V's who hadn't gotten their Chem and Bio done before applying?? I would love to apply but I can't see wasting the application fee, if once they see that them Chem and Bio aren't done, my app goes in the circular file.

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  3. by   naj5
    I'm not sure what they had to say, but I know that they offer those classes in the St. Vincent so provably you will have to take it there. After you done you can take nursing classes. At one point I was looking into that school and when I was ready to apply, They asked me for lower level BIO to take at the college before I would be able to take A&P with them. Just be sure before you apply what classes you will be able to take the first semester. Otherwise I think it is a good college. Good luck- Naj
  4. by   workinmomRN2012
    At St.v's you can take other classes while you are taking nursing courses too. In my A&PI course there were girls in A&PI and nur101 in the same semester. The same is true for A&PII, girls are in A&PII and taking the next nursing course which is nur123.
    These girls have taken A&P before but st.v's won't transfer another schools A&P courses, the only way is to take a chllenge examwhich I heard is nearly impossible to pass. So they take the courses over again and they don't have to go for an xtra year because they are taking nursing along with A&P. It's alot of work- but all of them seem to be passing both A&P and nur101.
    I've heard alot of people asking why they won't take another schools A&P course and the answer that I've gotten in person and on allnurses is that their A&P is more geared towards the nursing field? I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it's the only explanation I've ever received.
  5. by   CT Pixie
    I get A&P and Nur 101 in same semester (their break down of when certain classes are taken show that there are nursing and non-nursing courses taken)

    But they are telling me you can be accepted in the program without taking the required courses (Bio and Chem) that they state are needed to even apply.

    Do you know anyone who's in the nursing course taking Bio and/or chem along with the other classes?