Should I continue on the BSN route or should I go the ADN program?

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    I am worried I am taking my prerequites for a BSN program which is want I to get, but I think that I might end up with going to an ADN program because of finances. As I read the different posts I am finding out that hospitals are only hiring graduates with a BSN degree is this infact the case? If I go for ADN does that mean that I will not get hired in a hospital? Should I continue on the BSN route or should I go the ADN program? I am thinking that once I graduate from nursing school I would like to go for my Masters Degree Nursing. It is my understanding that I would need my BSN to go to Graduate school. I do not know yet if I have any interest in specializing I just know that I do not want to keep going to school for ever. I just want to do what I have to do and get out. I am in my early forties so I do not have a whole lot of time to waste. What do you think? I would appreciate some feedback. I thank you very much for your time.

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  3. by   JoeNurseRN
    Do BSN. If not, you can regret it later. It could cost you more down the line than just paying for your ADN. Take out loans do whatever you need to do because the job market as it is, BSN nurses are having a hard time finding one so I can't imagine one trying to find a job with a ADN.
  4. by   ilove
    Go for Masters in Science of Nursing degree or BSN.
  5. by   checker1981
    Go for ADN, think about it this way. Nurses make about 60K a year depending on what area they live in. ADN nurses graduate 2 years earlier then BSN students. You make 120K extra in your career and then you can do a transition to BSN in 1 year online easily. BSN doesn't prepare you any better for the NCLEX. Some hospitals will only hire BSN because of magnet. I earned an ADN degree, and I am transitioning to MSN now. Good luck!
  6. by   knittygrittyRN
    You have to do what's right to you. All of the above comments are right, you will need a BSN to go on to a Master's degree. However you can get an ADN and start working somewhere to save up money and pay off loans. It depends on what you need right now, I say if you have no children, and no other financial obligations it might be better to go for the BSN so you can get your Masters quicker.