Saint Francis Hospital Nurse Residency, Hartford, CT

  1. 1 Hi!

    I recently applied to the Saint Francis Nurse Residency Program in Hartford, CT, which starts in February, and I'm wondering if any previous applicants, employees of this program, or current applicants know any information about when and how Saint Francis will contact if they review and are interested in your resume and cover letter.

    Any tips or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your post has been moved to the Connecticut Nursing forum with the goal of attracting more replies. Good luck to you.
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    I was just looking at that residency program today online. If you get in please let me know how it goes. I was interested in applying for it. I saw they will have a Spring and Summer program.
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    I applied, anxiously waiting!
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    best of luck. please share your experiences about the process. Thank You
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    Pls let me know what are the requirements and documents that they need? I have been Loki g for it and I can't seem to find it in their website :-/
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    Is this a paid position?

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