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RN What Nursing Program?

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    I am courious as to what nursing programs are you applying to or have been accepted to?. I am applying to Goodwin College, Capital Community College and Naugatuck Valley Community College along with Saint Joseph University and University Of Connecticut. I figure the more colleges that I apply to the better my chances will be to get into a nursing program. I am looking more at attending a BSN Program thoughI will not rule out a ADN program and then continue towards a BSN. I have looked into the courses that I will need for both programs. And even though the BSN program requires a few more courses than that of an ADN program it may be worth it in the long run to take those courses and get the BSN. I called the state of CONN Dept Of Public Health that assess the qaulity of nursing programs in the state. And the women with whom I spoke with said to me that "The trend has been that the hospitals in the state are hiring the BSN prepared nurse over than a ADN nurse. What are your thoughts about this "trend ". I look forward to your thoughts about this subject.

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    Yes it is true they are. Not sure why. We all sit for the same test. If you do go for the AD program, make sure you go get a job as a Tech or Student Nurse it's a good backdoor way to get into a facility.