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  1. by   saramisu
    Mssjez, I am sure it will be okay. I read some similar horror stories on last years board, and there was one quite similar to yours, and they ended up getting in just fine. We wonder why there is a nursing shortage crisis happening, well, here it is!
    Honestly, I would just keep calling and leaving messages, and emails etc. until they give you a solid answer. Bother them until they get sick of it and have no choice but to tell you it's all set.
  2. by   saramisu
    how is everyone holding up? i need to find ways to redirect my thoughts..
  3. by   motosteph
    I agree, i dont want to start thinking about the back-up plan, but it's there. If I dont get accepted I'm thinking about re-applying next year and becoming an EMT in the mean time, which i wish i had done years ago!! My veggie garden helps to consume my thoughts. Anyone else thinking these things and trying to occupy your minds?
  4. by   mssjez
    My "ineligibility" was resolved! All the pre-reqs are listed as met, except for A&PII. When I really think about it, because I have a Bachelors and Masters degree, if I had started in the medical field I could be a Doctor by now But luckily my two jobs and school keep me busy and from thinking too much about how long we're waiting. Also I'm taking Micro and A&PII this semester and that helps keep me preoccupied also. Not much longer!!
  5. by   saramisu
    So I just logged onto my Commnet, and the option to check my status has disappeared. Uh-oh. Anyone else? Great, now IM TERRIFIED. :bowingpur

    Im glad to hear that mssjez, that's awesome!! Im sure it takes a huge weight off your shoulders.

    My back-up plan is either the state LPN program (apps are due 4-30) or CNA license and then RN program.
  6. by   nef203
    OMG Sara! me too! i am so scared. i think we will know super soon! the lpn program sounds good. where did you find info for it? i need something to distract me!
  7. by   allforthekidds
    @saramisu Mine is gone too!

    @mssjez That's awesome, so glad it all got straightened out for you:spin:
  8. by   eerrmm
    I haven't posted before (Hi everyone!) but I applied to CC this year and have been following this thread. I just noticed the same thing on mycommnet.. scary. I clicked on "view student information" for Fall 2012 and it says associate in science, general studies. Does it say the same for everyone else? On last years thread I noticed that the mycommnet system seemed to have an opps and people found out if they got in (or didn't) before the letters went out, but that info was only up for a brief amount of time I think..
  9. by   saramisu
    A few people in my micro class have the same thing going on. Any word on what it could be? Do you think they're trying to get this done faster because of the Easter holiday?

    Yea right, what would be the chances of that?
  10. by   motosteph
    Oh boy i just checked online and the link to the required items/status page is missing too! What does this mean?
  11. by   mssjez
    Mine's gone too. It was there yesterday morning. I wonder if it's an tech thing because they're updating everyone after reviewing so many "ineligibility" errors. Lets not freak out until it's time to freak out...preferably in front of the registrar and counseling offices...

    I also wonder if the process of reviewing the errors will set them back in sending out the acceptance letters. They'll have to compute rank after the reviewing, maybe... next week? I've also been looking at posts on to help distract myself. They have some funny ones too.
  12. by   yrienay
    when you go to the students tab it says that the program would be disabled starting march 30 so you wouldnt be able to see anything.
  13. by   ORnurseCT
    When I got my acceptance packet everything was dated March 28th. There was a NUR 101 registration form and other stuff all signed and dated two weeks before it was mailed. I bet all the decisions are made, and they will be mailing soon.