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  1. Hey everyone,

    I got waitlisted for the fall for NVCC for the #7 waitlist spot and i called recently and was told they might not take anyone off of the waitlist and my status had not changed. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this years or past years waitlists and what my chances are. I've been holding out on registering for any classes because I was pretty confident but not i'm not so sure.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Nikki819
    Err on the side of caution and register for any non-nursing courses you can take. At orientation we found out there are ALOT of things we have to take care of before the program starts with certain deadlines. There may be a few people who do not meet those deadlines, and a few spots may open up. In the meantime your best bet is to make an action plan as if you were and were not accepted. Speak to the school and inquire what needs to be done assuming a spot opens up (i.e. meeting the same deadlines); so when the call comes you are ready and eligible. On the other hand have a backup plan in place to ensure you have something to do until you can re-apply. Can you take another non-nursing course and get it out of the way before you reapply? Can you re-take a course to boost your GPA? Best of luck!
  4. by   jdoll
    Last fall they took 12 from the wait list..... So your odds are probably pretty good..... go get a physical, have all titers drawn, ppd, CPR. just to be on the safe side...... that is just what I would do.
  5. by   dave8
    Just an update... they called me...I got in ! thanks!
  6. by   SleeplessNVa
    Is this for Northern Virginia Community College? NM, I see it's not Thank G.... Our letters don't go out until tomorrow!
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  7. by   jdoll
    Congratulations Dave8
  8. by   Nikki819