New grad LPN looking for job, does anyone know anywhere in CT hiring new grad LPNs? New grad LPN looking for job, does anyone know anywhere in CT hiring new grad LPNs? - pg.2 | allnurses

New grad LPN looking for job, does anyone know anywhere in CT hiring new grad LPNs? - page 2

I am a new grad LPN, I passed the NCLEX in June and still have not found a job. I cannot tell you how many jobs I have applied to, and have gotten no replies whatsoever. It is very frustrating... Read More

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    Im kicking myself for not signing up for flu clinics prior to graduating! But i have hope. Im just gonna network like crazy and do walk ins and introduce myself and hope/pray that someone gives me chance. Thank u though! Its always good to hear success stories of those who were in my shoes and found a job. Im worried about student loans being due soon bc i too went to a $36,000 school. Thank u!
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    Any luck in your search for your 1st LPN position?
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    I "think" i may have my first lpn job! Ive been waiting to post on allnurses until its 100%, just in case. I do have a date for orientation so i should be good. But i only got this far in the process bc i know someone who's worked there for a long time, so the don offered to interview me, then said she may have a per diem position. Honestly, i hope this goes through bc i havent heard back from one other place, and ive applied everywhere!!!! I mean like i drove to places 2hours away, & they just dont seem interested in a newer grad/ no exp. Its sad that its all about who u know. Ill be forever grateful if i actually get hired. What about u?
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    Pendleton in Mystic hires new grads with no exp all the time :-) just in case ur still looking, I know they will be hiring, we just lost one this past week, funny ppl don't realize u have to show up to work to keep ur job lol, but good luck to you!!
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    Try a genesis company or an apple rehab.
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    Looking for a LPN to work a few hrs a day in a home setting possibley three to four times a week.
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    in connecticut
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    Best bet is the state they have 5 openings mostly with DMHAS. Thunk its about $24 to $25 an hour. Yale has 3 positions I believe open. Somone mentioned need Med Surg experience, but could give them a whirl. Most LTC in CT hire a lot of LPNs. Some places don't have sites so you have to go in. Heard a somewhat new LTC in Bridgeport looking for LPNs. Not the greatest place heard from people, but Aetna Healthcare System hires LPNs.

    Also Danbury Hospital for Medical Assistants looks to hire LPNs over MAs.
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    Also if your close to the Mass Border they openly put out openings. Can find 40 positions easily.