New grad LPN looking for job, does anyone know anywhere in CT hiring new grad LPNs? - page 2

I am a new grad LPN, I passed the NCLEX in June and still have not found a job. I cannot tell you how many jobs I have applied to, and have gotten no replies whatsoever. It is very frustrating seeing as I paid 36,000 for my... Read More

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    @Jenncharbs: I work in Agawam at Heritage Hall. There are 4 buildings here some with 12 hour shifts, some with 8 hour shifts. They are always hiring! Come to any building or fill out an application at all of them I pretty much got hired on the spot. They take new grads as well, I just hit my one year mark. Hope this helps!
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    yeaaa finally someone replied!!! lol @katy_ bascom THANK U!!! I just researched it and its' about 1hr30min away from me in south western ct. But i am so encouraged to hear this! I'll definately keep it in mind if i cant find something closer. Congrats on the 1 year!! Thanks, def helps
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    That's too bad your so far away! It took me 15 months to find a job so don't get discouraged! Something good will come along I have been seeing a lot more job offerings for new grads in CT as well too.
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    Im kicking myself for not signing up for flu clinics prior to graduating! But i have hope. Im just gonna network like crazy and do walk ins and introduce myself and hope/pray that someone gives me chance. Thank u though! Its always good to hear success stories of those who were in my shoes and found a job. Im worried about student loans being due soon bc i too went to a $36,000 school. Thank u!
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    Any luck in your search for your 1st LPN position?
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    I "think" i may have my first lpn job! Ive been waiting to post on allnurses until its 100%, just in case. I do have a date for orientation so i should be good. But i only got this far in the process bc i know someone who's worked there for a long time, so the don offered to interview me, then said she may have a per diem position. Honestly, i hope this goes through bc i havent heard back from one other place, and ive applied everywhere!!!! I mean like i drove to places 2hours away, & they just dont seem interested in a newer grad/ no exp. Its sad that its all about who u know. Ill be forever grateful if i actually get hired. What about u?
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    Pendleton in Mystic hires new grads with no exp all the time :-) just in case ur still looking, I know they will be hiring, we just lost one this past week, funny ppl don't realize u have to show up to work to keep ur job lol, but good luck to you!!
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    Try a genesis company or an apple rehab.

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