Male vs. Female RNs... hiring and wages in CT. Male vs. Female RNs... hiring and wages in CT. | allnurses

Male vs. Female RNs... hiring and wages in CT.

  1. 0 Hi, I was wondering whats the take on gender preferences/need and hiring in Connecticut for new graduate RN's?

    Are males able to get hired better?

    Also do males receive better pay as new graduate RN's(and how much aprxmtly?)

    And why is that there is such an advantage for males in nursing?
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    Anvantage? Where? You don't get paid more because you're a male!! I don't think the Unions would approve of that! Males RN's comprise about 1% of the Nursing community...thats your "advantage".
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    Why in the world would someone be paid more just for being male? (and yes....I realize that across the board in all professions men make more than woman.......but as this is aimed only at staff RN's, this is a different conversation).

    We don't have any male RN's on my unit right now, but if we did they would have all of the same respobsibilities/expectations/pay as anyone else with the same level of experience.
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    Do yourself a favor and don't even look into this anymore. Try to get paid for you merit and hard work. To many fields pay men more than women and it isn't fair or right.
    Men are respected in Nursing and we earned that respect by working with our female/male coworkers and doing a good job. I know I wouldn't be happy if a female coworker made more than me just because she was a female.
    Good luck finding a job and hope you make a great deal of money doing what you love as a Nurse (male or female)