LPN desperately looking for a job IN CT

  1. At the end of my rope!! I am a fairly new who is desperately seekin a LPN position I receive my License in January of this year (2011) and cannot find a job! so much for nursing shortage! I have filled out countless applications online, fax to places hiring walk-in to places don't know what else to do!! does anyone know of anywhere in CT that would hire a LPN I am even willing to work per diem as I want the experience under my belt! please I would love your help!
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  3. by   CrissiQ
    where do you live?
  4. by   sadd
    I live in Connecticut
  5. by   ilove
    I know what your going through. I too was an LPN who was fired. even before i was fired i had 15 years of experience and i still wasnt able to find a full time job. Now that I'm fired and unemployed I cant find one job . Its a tough economy. GOod luck!
  6. by   nurse62889
    Newington health care center has a bunch of per diem openings, any health bridge management nursing homes in CT due...i think their is some type of impending strike going on, i was offered a position but declined, i dont want to get into that whole picket line business...i currently do pediatric homecare and i love it, but you need your 6 months experience...good luck!!!
  7. by   sadd
    I am unable to respond to private messages as I dnt have enough posts. however in respond to my inbox CrisiRN I am very close to that area & is very interested hope to hear from you soon
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  8. by   CrissiQ
    Sadd, I'm sorry I didn't know you couldn't reply! The name of the place I work is Mansfield center for nursing. We have full time and part time openings. Its a rehab and long term care facility. The address is 100 warren circle Storrs CT number is 860-487-2300. We also have an ad on career builder I think? The best thing to do is just come in and fill out an application. Please Please Please come apply get a position and stay for a while. We have been using alot of pool staff lately (although they are all wonderful) its just not the same as having someone that the patients (not to mention the staff) know and trust. I won't lie the facility has been going threw many changes recently but I think in the end it will be a positive thing. The staff are awesome and is a good place to work. Hope to meet you soon
  9. by   sadd
    OMG! I went to that same place today what are the odds and filled out an application!!! the DNS was very busy yet she had a minute to talk to me!! keeping finger cross it a bit of a drive but nothing I cant handle!! thank u so much for your hel
  10. by   CrissiQ
    LOL! I hope you get the job. Pick second shift if you what to work with the best nurses. We have awesome teamwork together. There is gonna be another nurse joining our shift soon too. She is gonna be the best supervisor. Can't wait to meet you!
  11. by   nesu0204
    Do they hire RNs, I am a new grad RN with childcare experience non nursing and am desperately tring to get a job.

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