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Hi, I have been following this site for a while, however, this is my first time posting. I am frustrated and sad that I have applied twice to Community Colleges in CT., but both times got into the waiting list. I just got a... Read More

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    Quote from HelenaHandbasket
    CT did this work? I am number 18 out of 125 for the waiting list. I applied for LPN to RN bridge. I still had to compete with ALL applicants who wanted in the program, first year or not. AFTER I was accepted, I would be assessed for placement in the LPN to RN bridge. It definitely did NOT give me an advantage at application. Did they make a mistake? Or am I missing something?
    Gee, I'm glad my school wasn't that confusing. I just applied to LPN-RN. I got into both but I didn't compete with first years. My school has these entities separated. Best of luck to you guys!

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    No Helena, there is no mistake and you are not missing anything. Once accepted, you will have to choice to either do all 4 nursing semesters, or do the LPN-RN bridge program over the summer. However, it says in the letter that I copied a couple posts earlier that if you do the bridge course over the summer, you will be considered for the "Fast-Track" entry into NU 201, but it is depending on if there is space!
    So basically, LPNs are considered and ranked just like everyone else, the only difference is you can either go through 4 semester or chance is and do the bridge course and hope there is room at your college for NU 201.
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    No, Helena, you didn't miss anything. That's why I don't want the OP to waste their time or money. An LPN is great if you want to actually work as one(I will be), but not just as a means to getting an RN.

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