how is the LPN job market

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    Hi I am new to the board and will be starting my LPN at Lincoln Tech New Britain in March. I am still looking into Bridgeport Hospital and St. Vincent's for RN but right now Lincoln is where I am headed.

    Just wanted to know what people think of the LPN market out there. I am not turned off by working in LTC, but just wanted to hear from others about what they thought of the LPN market.

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    The LPN job market is not good in CT. There are still job openings in LTC, mostly night shifts, but they are getting fewer. The agencies are always hiring but that doesn't mean they have work. Also, agency work requires one year or more experience. Most of the hospitals that will hire LPN's at all, hire them as PCT's. The limits on scope of practice make some other options, like dr. offices, not legal. I know several recent grads who can't get jobs in their area. Between the economy and the greatly increased number of new LPN grads in the state, the situation will likely get worse. If you live near a state line, the job outlook is considerably better in our neighboring states. Treatment of LPN's as nurses is better in other states as well. Also, LTC regulations are more strict, so working conditions are better. I mostly work out of state.
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    I know in St Vincent's Hospital, starting in December, they will let go of all the LPNs. Some of the LPNs were transfered to other locations, where they can work. It is not a bad thing though, you can always bridge to get your RN while you working per diem somewhere. I think you can still get a job. It is a better choice than other fields.
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    is it per diem in nursing homes/LTC? This is where I wanted to be.
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    At a nursing home you probably can work per diem. My friend is an LPN, she is working at Gaylord. She likes it there.
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    so no full time?
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    A lot of times these days, they hire per diems who then move into full time spots. Getting full time right off can be difficult. You may find part time as well. A lot of LTC's are moving towards having their own per diem pools so they can cut down on agency staff use. Definitely try to find one that will give you a decent full time orientation as a new grad even if you will be working per diem at first. Real orientations are also getting harder to find.
    This is why I say to you to be careful about getting into an expensive pogram where you will have the student loan obligation. You might want to look at PCA/PCT jobs in hospitals. When they lay off nurses, the hire more unlicensed staff. Most times all they are looking for is people with CNA experience, although there are PCT classes. CT has no requirement for PCT's to be certfified. These jobs provide you with a lot of useful experience. I did that before nursing school and it helped much more than my LTC experience. Also, hospitals usually have tuition assistance programs for those wanting to continue in health careers.
    If you are determined to be an LPN and have the same determination to find a job, you will succeed. Just be aware that the recession has also hit nursing and LPN's are always the first to go, so it's not as easy as it used to be. But, it can still be done.
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    It sucks. Went all over and they r not hiring new grads, need experience. Wish I never went into the LPN program, but thats just me. Going to continue searching or will consider moving.
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    i am trying to move to ct as lpn with 1year exp. couldn't find sh.... good market. ha na
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    :heartbeatThe LPN job market here in CT is way worse than Ive ever seen but it is also really bad for RN's like me.
    The place I just started hires lpns in full time position. There are way more LPN positions than RN. Try some of the big companys like Kindred or Genisis.
    You will not find a job in the hospital as all the hospitals are not hiring LPN anymore. And doctors offices are hiring Medical Assistants. If you have over a year experience you can try agency like Maxim or around the clock and do shift work but that will be with pediatrics mostly trach's, Gtubes and vents.:heartbeat
    Hope this info helps and good luck to all the LPN angels out there things will get better.
    Tricia RN
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