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  1. 0 Hello Everyone,
    Im completeing my pre-reqs for nursing, Im interesting in Capitol as well as NWCC in Winsted. Does anyone have any idea what kind of GPA they take, I am currently holding a 3.2. What were your GPAs when you were accepted? Hopefully I have a chance
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    The GPA requirement for all of the CT CC nursing programs is is 2.7 however they base 50% of your ranking on your GPA. Here is a link for exactly what is needed in order to apply to any of the CT CC programs. Hope it helps.

    They (the CC's) fill 75% of their seats with people by rank, the remaining 25% are selected randomly from the rest of the applicants. It is possilbe to get in with a 2.7 over someone with a say 3.5. Best thing to do is just keep your GPA as high as you can so you might possibly rank higher and end up in that 75% of the applicant pool.

    And yes, (not me personally) but I do know of CC students who had the bare minimum GPA and got in. They obviously were in teh 25% of the pool selected randomly.
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    Remember, GPA is 50% of the admission criteria, but you also have the TEAS and your A&P I grade as the other 50%. I think that from my class, someone else heard that below a 3.6 GPA was the lottery cut-off, I think that about 85% on the TEAS and an A in A&PI were also above the lottery line in general. Good luck.
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    If the lottery is now only 25% of the selected applicants, wouldn't the average GPA decrease?
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    Oh yeah, just noticed it 75/25, it was 60/40 at one time. The average GPA probably has decreased but not necessarily. There just might be more applicants with a higher GPA but for whatever reason don't rank in the top 75% of applicants, for example their TEAS score might have been lower and others who were in the top 75% . And the TEAS doesn't increase/decrease your GPA.

    I'm thinking that with so many applicants most (if not all) applicants would want to get the highest GPA they can muster.
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    The 75/25 is a recent change for the 2011-2012 applicants