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Hello. I am wondering if any current or recently graduated nurses from Goodwin College in CT can tell me how many points they had when they were accepted into the nursing program? I will be applying this fall and I think I'll... Read More

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    I took the A and P nln exam and it was all A and P. If you have taken A and P at goodwin you will do fine. I focused more on APII which helped me a great deal. Study all the hormones and where they are released from. Study what hormones increase or decrease blood pressure. I remember some questions about the Kreb cyle and also some questions about cell membranes. I scored 80% and finished the test in an hour in a half. Hope you do well
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    Does anyone know what the cutoff was at Goodwin for May 2012 start?
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    I am absolutely shocked that they threw out both the verbal and math component of the NLN entrance exam! I guess they want to focus on admitting those that retain the most medical related info. Quite a change of course!

    Quote from sephilli88
    So I just emailed the assistant chair of nursing. It is just an A&P exam. Yikes!
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    I am not sure what the cut off was but I was accepted with 20 points for the May 2012 start.
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    I just found out, 19 points was the cutoff for Summer 2012.
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    I'm getting really nervous for the test coming up in May. How much did you study? I did not take A & P at Goodwin. It's been a couple years since I've taken these courses so I'm definitely trying to cram, but I wanted to get an idea of how much you studied for the exam? Would you say the test was simpler than the class exams?
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    Is there any other topics that you can remember that was on the NLN? I'm taking it next week and I've just been studying from the A&P book and all of my old powerpoints and notes. Are there any diagrams on this exam?
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    I competed A and P II over a year ago....I studied every night about 4 hours off my AP II powerpoints...that helped me quite a lot...good luck on your test
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    Oh, and I crammed it all the studying in within 3 weeks...thats when i found out the test was changed to all A and P questions.
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    if you don't have a near perfect gpa or previous degrees it is almost impossible to get in. i took all my prereqs there, 30+ hours of comm. service, and scored in the 93% on the original nln and didn't get in. i tried again, took the new a+p exam got an 87% (keep in mind i haven't taken a+p in over a year), got my gpa up (all a's past 2 semesters) and still won't get in. they throw away comm. service hours after a year so i think i may have just hit a year. if i had just 4 more credits or .04 more gpa points i would get 2 more and 1 more points respectively. i would not go to goodwin unless you’re a perfect student or have a previous degree. i may have slipped in if i scored at least 90 or 96 points on the a+p test. there are no chances to take the test again for the fall semester because today is the last day and it is full. i wasted all this time and money to walk away with a non-nursing associate’s degree. my a+p ii teacher was so sure i'd get in last year. when i tell my professors i haven't been able to get in, they are shocked because they know i have the ability. i'm not trying to bash, just a warning- don't put all your eggs into one basket. apply to the community colleges also. be ready for the disappointment and for the possibility that you will do everything they ask and still may not get in. it is not all their fault, i have to hold some responsibility for not getting a 4.0, but it is hard to be perfect especially if you’re working 40 hours a week. marlene in the nursing dept. said that this semester she has had double the applicants than prior semesters. there are so many applicants and only 62 spots. there were more people taking the test during the time period i took it than there are spots.

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