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Hello. I am wondering if any current or recently graduated nurses from Goodwin College in CT can tell me how many points they had when they were accepted into the nursing program? I will be applying this fall and I think I'll... Read More

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    It all depends on who is applying when you apply. The last wave (starting in the fall) the lowest accepted was 21, but I think the wave before was 19 or 20. They take the top 50 people/the point system. If you already have 20 points the only way you can increase your points to apply for the winter is to retake the NLNs and try and get a higher score. Your fall classes will not count towards your points, they have to be completed classes. However, if you have less than the 7 points for classes and take classes in the fall, you will then have more points to apply for the May round....assuming you keep up your GPA. I hope that is helpful. They basically want your money and I am thankful I figured that out when looking at schools, so I did all my prereqs there. Good luck!!

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    Thanks for the advice bepmommy. I really appreciate it. Best of Luck in the Fall!
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    From others in my pre-req classes I've heard that 20-21 points was the cut last time around. I'm applying for the Jan start. It seems that the bar has been set higher this semester judging by the scores I have heard from others applying. I'm applying with a 24 and am definitely sweating it (scored 92 on NLN, already have a Bachelor's Degree, took 7 courses @ Goodwin for the points + GPA, 3.6 GPA, and am currently an LPN). I hope we all get in and meet each other as accepted students. Good luck.
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    Just got my acceptance packet and am starting Goodwin nursing in Jan 2012!
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    Has anyone applied to the summer 2012 nursing program at Goodwin?
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    Xenogenetic, I was wondering if I could pick your brain. I have about the same criteria as you (Bachelors, 6 classes, 3.8 GPA) I'm hoping to get at least a 91% on the nln and I was wondering how much you studied for it? I definitely plan on studying but with my work and class schedule this semester, I won't be able to dedicate all my time to studying for the nln. On average how many hours would you say you studied to get your score?
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    I remember studying about 20-24 hours for the exam. Of coarse, the NLN that you are going to take is much different from the one I took less than a year ago. My exam had physics questions on there while your exam will have anatomy and physiology questions instead. I believe that A&P questions would be a lot easier to take a guess at than physics questions, which if you don't know the specific formula for you're screwed. I am glad that they made the switch and substituted out psychics and added A&P because I believe A&P is simply more pertinent to nursing than physics is.

    If you ask me, the three most effective ways to boost your score on the NLN exam would be:

    1.) Practice the math problems that a good NLN/Nursing entrance test prep book will contain. Math is an area where you can improve very quickly, and get your best "bang for your buck" studytime-wise, instead of trying to memorize vocabulary or A&P concepts and terms.

    2.) Think positive! I am convinced that how you feel about yourself and how well you're going to do on the exam has an impact on how you actually do on the exam. Have confidence in youself when you walk into that exam! If you think about it in the respect that no other human being on this planet has had the exact learning experiences that you've that measley NLN test does not stand a chance against the likes of your vast knowledge and test taking aptitudes.

    3.) Get a good night sleep before the exam and, if your organism can handle it, try to drink a cup of caffeinated soda or coffee a few minutes before the exam. This small amount of caffeine bumps up your concentration level just enough to put you in prime test taking mode. Disclaimer: of coarse, everyone is different and if you know that ingesting caffeine does you more harm than good, then don't consume it.
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    I thought this A & P exam would consist of just Anatomy and Physiology. I didn't think it included the english and math sections any longer. Am I wrong?
    If so, thanks for the update. I must have misunderstood.
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    My impression was that it was "an addition" of A&P onto the exam and not simply all A&P. Having it be all A&P does not make sense because that would be implying that they don't care if you know any English or know how to even do simple calculations. Not having to know physics seems right because as long as I have been an LPN I have never had to determine the speed of a moving object. :-) I would absolutely be clear as to what's on the exam if I were you before you walk into that exam room. When you find out, if you would be so kind as to post your finding here that would be great since I'm curious about what's on it these days (although I would bet it's the addition of A&P and not all). Take care.
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    So I just emailed the assistant chair of nursing. It is just an A&P exam. Yikes!

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