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  1. by   robinrene1212
    I am currently a nursing student at Goodwin. My only complaint so far is that it is expensive. The reason they try to make you take prereq's is there is no waiting list. I think that they have a great program and they will do anything to help you in the program. The Head of nursing will sit with you and go over your test, open the lab up and go over your skills, they have tutors, learning centers etc. They are tough but as someone said "did you think it would be easy" I know many people that have graduated and have found jobs,,,,,,,,,,,,even at NBGH, sounds like same ex student couldn't hack it. The new building is great but their registration methods are a bit backwards.
  2. by   fernaRN09
    I've heard mixed things about Goodwin and I elected to attend and graduate from one of the community college system nursing schools under the old regime. There is no longer a wait list. You attend an info session, pick your top 3 schools and if you 1st choice has room and offers you a seat, you win. If not, then if your 2nd or 3rd choice on your list has space, you accept. You have the option of declining the 2nd or 3rd choice and reapplying the following year. Applications are not held for the next year as I understand it. It's cheaper, intense and you do learn a lot. And your credits transfer if you want to get your BSN
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  3. by   mattfd37
    "There is no longer a wait list." For the Community Colleges?
  4. by   fernaRN09
    Nope. They are now apart of the Connecticut Community College Nursing Program (CT-CCNP). This link is off the capital community website that talks all about the program.

    Nope. No more wait list.
    Select your top 3 and be prepared to attend if you are offered a seat (try not to pick one so far from your home..clinical sites, exams, etc). There are med calc tests every semester as I understand it but again all of the questions are answered at the info sessions. They are very serious about people attending info session prior to starting the application process.
  5. by   mattfd37
    ok I wasn't sure if you were talking about the Comm Colleges or Goodwin, because there is a waiting list for the Comm Colleges. If you don't get in by rank or lottery you are then placed on the wait list (which is really the State rank). Then you wait for any school to have an opening. I was 18th on the wait list this year and had a choice of Gateway or Norwalk (not one of my three). I think they are still playing around with this system because some of the things they say they are not doing. I took 2 classes at Goodwin last semester and the professors are great eventhough the school is a bit backwards. They have a 100% acceptance rate.... for people who take classes there. Thats how they get you in, pretty sneaky. The point system is a joke but the more classes you take there at $500+ a credit the better your chances are of getting in. The CT Comm College System is cheaper and you get the same if not better education.
  6. by   ciacovelli
    Has anyone gotten in with 28 points? I aced the NLN, have a BS in biology, and only needed to take 1 class at goodwin. I did the community service too. The max points I can get is 28. I guess I could buy my way in by taking a few more classes in the spring to get more GPA points. That's another $4000. I really wish they'd revise their system.
  7. by   robinrene1212
    People have gotten in with 26 but they say the average now is 28-30. I would try. (It all depends on how many people are applying) I honestly think the nln carries a lot of weight and everyone I know got the full 12 on interview.
  8. by   ciacovelli
    Thanks Robin. I got the full 12 on the interview. They didn't even ask me any questions! I applied for january, so I guess we will see! Thanks for responding Are you in the program now?
  9. by   robinrene1212
    Yeah second semester. I am pleased with it so far. I have a friend that got in with 26 and that was 2 semesters ago. I also know someone got in last semester with 28. Also I heard (and I am not sure if it is true) if you are at the cut off and you reapply you get in the second time. Don't know if that is true or not?
  10. by   ciacovelli
    Thanks for the info! i feel a little bit more hopeful about getting accepted in january. I know their were 157 applicants and this number included people who did not pass the NLN. Any other advice?
  11. by   robinrene1212
    Not off the top of my head (the hard part is waiting)- feel free to ask questions though. Let me know if you get in!! Good Luck. In my opinion I think if it were down to you and someone else the NLN score would make the difference. Did you get the full 10 points for NLN?
  12. by   rdsxfnrn
    goodwin bashing.......... awesome! i just graduated from their nsg program. they had several kinks to work out but they have done so remarkably well! ALL THE NSG TEACHERS AND STAFF ARE FIRST RATE! if someone did not pass, it is not the fault of the faculty. it is true, u must pass exit exam, but by that point if u do not pass, again, not faculty's fault. i studied so much for that exit exam that when it was time to take nclex, i did very little studying. and yes i passed first time.......... my classes pass rate is 97% last i heard. so please do your homework before your fingers fly over the keyboard. thanks...........
  13. by   robinrene1212
    Yeah I agree...... I had asked about "should I take an outside NCLEX course", and they said "No we give you every tool you need to pass" and so far I have found that to be true. Congrats!! Did you find a job yet?