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Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to Northwestern Connecticut Community... Read More

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    I'm not sure about when the CT Community Colleges offer that 1 credit LPN to RN transitional class (which is what you take after you pass the Charter Oak online class). If I recall correctly from when I was thinking about going the community college route, the 1 credit course for the 'home school' was only in the summer.

    What happened with me at my school is we took the Charter Oak class (which isn't a full semester by the way, its 10 weeks. My Spring Charter Oak class ran from Jan 23 to Mar 31) then we had our 'home' school class which was in mid-April. I think Charter Oak only offers the online class during the Spring semester and during one of their summer sessions.

    Make SURE you check to see what classes you need to take in order to get the permission from your schools Nursing program director. For my school (St Vincent's) we needed to have the pre-reqs done (chem and gen bio) along with all the first year non-nursing courses (gen eds like A&P I & II, Micro, College Algebra, Psych I & II, English).

    The CT Comm College requirements for the LPN to RN program include meeting all the requirements of the nursing program that any other student would have to meet (Math, Chem, comp course, eng 101, A&P 211 & 212) as well as Microbiology, Psych 111 & 201 and Sociology. Which I see you will have done all of those but the college algebra (unless you listed it and i just missed it)...don't forget about Math 136 or 137. If you don't complete all of those they will not send in their authorization to take the Charter Oak class.

    Since the schools are all so different with their requirements for the LPN to RN bridge, its best to get in contact with the nursing program director to get the answers. Don't rely on the college counselors, they really aren't up to speed when it comes to the LPN bridge programs.

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    BTW, I started at St Vincent's in the Summer 2011 session taking my Chem class. I was able to transfer my English, Psych 1 & II, sociology and world religons (yup, catholic school requires that as a 'core' class).

    In the Fall 2011 I took A&P I, College Algebra and Ethics (after successful completion of the A&P I had met all the pre-reqs require by my school to take the Charter Oak online class).

    Winter Intersession I took Microbiology.

    The Spring 2012 semester I took A&P II, the Charter Oak online course and my 'home school's 1 credit course.

    Summer 2012 I'm taking World History to meet my humanities elective. At this point, I've done ALL the non-nursing courses for the ADN program and can fully concentrate on only taking the nursing classes. I'm tossing around the idea of taking a couple more courses during our second summer session to apply toward the RN to BSN courses I'll have to do once I become an RN.

    I begin the nursing classes in late August 2012 and have an anticipated grad date of May 2013.
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    I'm taking Statistics which I was told would meet the math requirement.

    I will have all of the "core" courses completed before I apply in February. Since I am planning to transfer to Elms for my BSN evntually, I will need to fit a religion course in there as well. Although strangely, an Addiction/Substance Abuse course is considered a religion course. I'm guessing because of the faith focus of 12-step programs.

    I emailed the nursing counselor directly as listed on the CT nursing website, not a college admission counselor. I'm confident I'm on the right track. Thanks for the info!!
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    Crap! On first reading and after speaking with the counselor I thought I was ok. Now, re-reading I'm concerned that my current math course won't meet the requirement. Even if the Statistics counts, I won't have it completed BEFORE the Feb 1st deadline. Now I feel sick to my stomach.

    I've been laid off since August 2011 and I *have* to get into an ADN program for next year. Single mom with young kids..blah blah. I don't have the luxury of waiting another year. If that's the case I'll be better off going directly to Elms and completing the BSN in the same time frame.

    Just when I thought I had it figured out. *sigh*

    I've emailed the Director of Nursing at NWCC for advisement.

    Thanks for the heads up, CTPixie!
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    Can you take Math 136 or 137 in the fall? That will cover you. Or can you test out? I was told if you pass higher than I think a 40 on the Accuplacer that you'll not have to take the math. I scored 38...
    Math 137 was an easy course so if you can swing it in the fall I'd do it.
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    ok..deep breath and relax..i just read the math requirement again and it looks like you might be fine! look what where i put the font in far as i know stats is highter than the 136 and 137.

    since the pre-req for stats reads (from nccc catalog) math 135, 137 or highter..i'd say you're good that is it is higher than the required 136 or 137! prerequisite: mat* 135, 137 or equivalent

    a score of 40 or higher on the college level math portion of the accuplacer; or sat i math score of 550 or higher; or a score of 22 or higher on the act math test; or connecticut community college
    mat*136 or 137, or equivalent or higher, with a grade of c or higher, completed prior to application deadline of february 1, 2013
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    Where are you taking the Stats class? Have you checked the pre-reqs for that at the school you want to take it at..the only thing is, all Stats classes that I've seen require the College Algebra as a pre-req. Can you switch out the Stats for College Algebra?
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    Her problem is not that the statistics won't meet the qualifications but that it won't be completed in time for the Feb. 1st cut off. They will not accept a math class in progress. So her highest completed math class would be 095. That won't do. If she can move stats to fall she'll be fine.
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    I'm taking Chem, A&P I, Computers and Human Development already which are all required. I don't think I can fit it in!

    It doesn't matter. I still can't do it. I won't have the Micro completed either until the end of the Spring semester.

    Even if I test out of Math altogether (via Accuplacer) I still can't take Micro in the Fall. Too heavy a load to have three lab sciences. I also have 5 kids take care of and Crohn's Disease. I'm all about pushing my limits but killing myself is not an option.

    I'm so frustrated right now. If I can support myself and my kids off student loans for the next 2 years I should just go for the BSN at Elms.

    *sigh* Bumma.
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    But then you have to start from the beginning. Why would you pay to retake a years worth of nursing classes you've already taken AND paid for??

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