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Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to Northwestern Connecticut Community... Read More

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    Thanks, Nurse! I was finally able to access the online application. I finished my Statistics final today. The Professor told me the grades should be updated by....FRIDAY next week!! I sent him an email today to emphasis how important it was for them to be updated ASAP.

    My school will release an official, sealed copy to students if requested. So I may end up having to pick them up in the morning and driving them to CCC in order to make sure they arrive. This is cutting it way too close for my comfort I'll tell ya!

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    Helena, good for you! Good you were finally able to access the online application. Good luck on the grades, defiinitely pick up your transcript and hand deliver it and make sure you get copies, especially from your health form and immunization form, that way you might re-use it later when you're accepted. Good luck! Keep me posted
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    What a week it's been and it's only WEDNESDAY!!

    I tell ya, by the skin of my teeth I might pull this off! On Monday I requested my transcript and was told there was a back log and it would be at LEAST 7 days. Plus, my A&P I grade hadn't been updated yet so they couldn't process it until that was done. I ran into my A&P professor who said she put the change in so it shouldn't be long.

    Monday night I did what any resourceful and desperate person would do, I wrote to the transcripts department and explained the situation. Read "begged". She actually got back to me and said that if she was getting close to the deadline she would call me so I could pick them up!

    All my grades are in as of this morning so I'm really hopeful they will be ready on Friday morning. I have class until 9:50a, plan to get the transcripts and head directly to CCC with my titer lab work and check them in! I have verified that all my other transcripts were sent out on Jan 15th so they should be sitting in the pile of nursing application paperwork waiting to be processed. The only requirement I have "met" is my TEAS-V results. For me, it will be an accomplishment simply to complete the application process!

    Step by step! Little by little!!
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    That reminds me of me last year this day I left work and drove from school to school, I got wait listed but I tried. I'm applying again this year NVCC & BHSN. Good Luck, when there's a will, there's a way!
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    Quote from WannaBNurse23
    Good Luck, when there's a will, there's a way!
    AMEN! Good job HelenaHandbasket on your efforts and hard work. It will all be worth it!
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    Thanks ladies! I "casually" stopped by the Registrar's office today to check the status of the transcripts and was told they weren't done and to check in tomorrow. As soon as I got back into town they called and said they were READY!!! There is not an emoticon which expresses the magnitude of my happiness!! I am going to pick them up tomorrow and deliver them to CCC a whole DAY before the deadline!!!

    Sooo, I was up all night dreaming of....TRANSCRIPTS!!! I didn't sleep at all!!! I had my fetal pig dissection today and decided not to eat before hand and had coffee instead. So, who is it who nearly hits the deck half-way through the dissection? This girl. Right here. The one under the bag. I actually stood there and argued with myself that there was NO way I was going to pass out. I am a nurse. A mother of five children. I have smelled and treated wounds that worse than that poor pig. I hopped right in with that scalpel and made all the initial cuts. I passed the pig to my partner and he went at the sternum with the scissors and that's when I felt the color drain from my face. Thankfully, I didn't completely embarrass myself and excused myself to the hallway and sat down before I ended up with a concussion. It's ok to laugh at me. I've been laughing at myself all day.
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    So I need a transcript miracle. A delayed one coming from Ohio, it was mailed last Thursday. But it probably won't make it. I am so sad! After all this hard work that I might have to wait another year
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    The nursing advisor at my school said that as long as the print date is before february 1st, then you're ok. So you should be fine. Just make sure it didn't get lost in the mail.
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    I hope that's true, July. Getting lost in the mail is what scares me.
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    Toon, I have also heard that as well. As long as it's post-marked by or on the 1st it will be ok. Hopefully, if it doesn't arrive the school it's coming from will confirm that it should've gone out before the deadline and they will resend it.

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