First semester in CT Community College program - page 2

Hi -- Is anyone wrapping up their first semester in the RN program at Gateway or another CT community college? I hope it went well for you all. Were you in class just twice a week for NUR 101? Is... Read More

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    Just finished the second semester and let me tell you the OB content is ridiculous. Our first lecture alone had 218 slides and that was just on pregnancy. When you combine pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum I believe we had over 1000 slides and that was exam 1. Ouch!! Anywho glad you made it through we lost about 30 in our first year I think. Not bad for a class of 160. Everyone enjoy your summer give your brain a break I'm headed to 3rd semester and I've heard horror stories about that as well . Matt how did the seniors due finding jobs? I think our seniors did better than the previous year hopefully thats a sign of things picking up!

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    Hi,I was wondering if anyone can provide me advice/and or insight into the last semester of NVCC's nursing program. Thank you!

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