Dont give up!!!

  1. :heartbeat I just wanna extend some encouragment for new LPN grads with in the last year or so. I recently graduated in April of 2010 got licensed in May 2010 and found it very hard and discouraging to find a job part-time nor full-time. Majority of the places were only recruiting for per-diem. I took a per diem position just to get some training and put my education into practice. The only major problem with per diem is it hard for me cause its not consistant and I feel like I need to be challenged with constant repitition. LPN jobs in CT are scant right now but please dont give up something will come your way and believe it or not it may actually be worth the wait. We went to school and paid an overwhelming amount of $$$ for our programs so have faith and keep you heads up... Wishing the best of lucknurse:
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  3. by   2ndcareerchange
    did you get fulltime yet?
  4. by   iwillbanurse08
    No I havent found a fulltime job yet, but I start a part time position next week which is exciting for me...
  5. by   2ndcareerchange
    congrats!!!! let us know how it goes! that really is a encouragement. I just started looking.
  6. by   FutureNurse_203
    Thank you for the encouragement iwillbanurse08! I needed that! I graduate from my LPN program in
    12 weeks, and have been trying to find a job in a LTC facility for months now as a CNA. I was hoping once I graduated I would be offered a LPN position, but no one is calling me back! If it's tough finding work as a CNA, I know it will be harder once I graduate. I feel like pulling my hair out! But, I will remain calm and hopeful!

    GOD Bless and good luck to everyone in this economy