Do hospitals fail to take down filled positions from their website? Do hospitals fail to take down filled positions from their website? | allnurses

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Do hospitals fail to take down filled positions from their website?

  1. 0 Hi,
    I was wondering about how hospitals advertise positions on their websites. I normally check Mid-State in Meriden, and Middlesex Hospital in Middletown.

    Some jobs which look quite "fillable" seem to sit on the "Open position" website for a year. I've seen some positions that were posted in early 2010 still on the sites.

    Are these really not filled, or just a failure of the facility to take down filled positions off their websites?

    It is just very confusing as to whether these positions still exist.

    Thank you.
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    Usually recruiters WILL take down taken job positions at their hospital to avoid the flooding of resumes. However, some hospitals may still have the positions open or the hospital may have granted a job to a employee already at the hospital, so then they failed to take down the opening. But mainly almost most of the time the openings are their because they are open. The positions that are open, they need multiple nurses not just one they are hiring. If theres an opening for a RN in ED, then they probably will hire at least 5 nurses. Hope I helped!!!!
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    Good question.

    My hospital has a crapload of postings but not really hiring. When I intially applied there for days on several floors they ALL turned out to be nocs. There is always from nights moving down to days so it was frustrating to apply for day positions when there really weren't none.

    I guess it is a way of getting you interviewed and then surprise.....its for nights only. lol
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    Thank you for the explanations. I guess it is time to start sending out resumes.