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Hello, is anyone applying between Nov 1st and Feb 1st for the RN program at Three Rivers in Norwich? Anyone want to share your stats? Cant wait! Nursing GPA: 3.88 A&P grade : A Teas: 71.3%.... Read More

  1. by   Laur318
    Buy the mometrix book "ATI TEAS secrets" and get 2 apps for TEAS test prep on your phone. One is from ATI and was free to download but with all the test questions it was $9.99 - well worth it. There is another app like it from a different developer- I'm sorry that I dont recall the name - but it was free.
    they analyze your weak areas so you know where you should focus your studies.
  2. by   Laur318
    Quote from trose17
    I applied to hopefully get in to three rivers but was curious about something. Most of the courses I took were from naugatuck and capital. I never took any courses at three rivers. Would this in any way be a deciding factor that they won't accept me? I'll be speaking to one of their advisors soon just wanted to see anyone else's opinion. Thank you.
    No, definitely not. I took most of my classes at gateway (60%) and housatonic (30%) - I got in to Norwalk where I took 2 classes.

    good luck!
  3. by   Fauzia
    you will surely get in with these stats. Good luck
  4. by   Fauzia
    Quote from m.asanza
    Hey! I'm not going to be applying to Three Rivers, but I am applying to Capital in Hartford. I can't wait either! My stats are:

    Nursing GPA: 3.81
    A&P 1 Grade: A
    Teas: 84.4%
    An adviser told me my Teas grade is good, but also said to try and get a higher grade just to make me more competitive. I might be retaking it.
    you will get in with those stats. i am currently a student at capital nursing program. Goodluck
  5. by   m.asanza
    Quote from Fauzia
    you will get in with those stats. i am currently a student at capital nursing program. Goodluck
    Thank you!
  6. by   Fauzia
    Quote from trose17
    What are your thoughts on capital vs. Three rivers. Both are 30 minutes from my house. Are they both day programs? I know clinical can be within an hr of the college, I'm just torn right now which I should apply to...
    capital is a day school. all lectures are from 9am to 12pm. labs are 8am to 3:30pm on tue and wed for the first 8 weeks of nur 101. you either get day or evening for clinicals after the 8th week of class.

    Good luck.
  7. by   Fauzia
    Quote from xFutureNurse
    Is the TEAS difficult? What subjects was it heaviest with?
    for the science, know the body systems and how they work.
    for math, know your basic algebra, conversion, word problems on calculating speed and distance

    good luck