CNA to LPN....Help please!

  1. I am a current LPN student that will graduate in May 2011. I recently became CNA certified because I really need a job, and I wanted to find a position in a LTC facility where I can branch into the LPN role after I graduate. Does anyone know of ANY LTC facilities that will hire a new CNA? All of the LTC facilities that I have applied to state they are either looking for someone with 6mos - 1yr experience. Whats a new CNA to do?!? I thought my experience in LTC facilities for the past 10 mos while in the LPN program would help me out, but I am not hearing back from any of the faciilties I applied to.

    Who's hiring?!

    Btw.....I live in Fairfield County (not picky, willing to travel)
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    St Vincent's has a Nurse assistant position posted that says (posted 4 days ago) CT CNA certificate required Minimum of 1 year CNA or student nurse clinical experience preferred

    Note the bold print (that I put in bold). You are a student nurse ith clinical experience if you are graduating in 4 months

    Go to or and do a CNA search, check out the job requirements..not all want a year experience
  4. by   FutureNurse_203
    Thank you CT Pixie! I have already applied to St. V's. I will continue to keeo my fingers crossed. I was hoping for something within a LTC facility though, because the area hospitals do not hire LPN's only RN's.
  5. by   CT Pixie
    St V's has their special care that hire LPN's. You just have to keep checking. There are several hospitals that hire but not for the actual hospital per se. Bridgeport Hosp hires LPN's for their satalite offices/urgent care etc.

    I check and daily. I also check St. V's website and the local hospital websites. They tend NOT to post jobs on sites rather, they post them up on their own website.

    Best of luck!