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  1. Does anyone here attedn Central Connecticut State Univ? IF so I want to know if anyone has applied to the nursing program and ended up on the waiting list? what are your experiences. I want to know if I should wait it out or move on to something else.
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  3. by   lr0012
    hi there...I just received my wait list lettter..have you received anything. if nursing is in your heart do not give up. just be patience and persisten.
  4. by   CNAKERRY
    nope nothing yet. I have to decided to wait it out, because I cant see myself doing anything else. spoke to my councelor and she was so quick to tell me to change my major to something else or change school. she was so discouraging. DId you get in? how long have u been at central? are you undeclared major?
  5. by   CJ2blpn2017
    Hi my name is Carmen, and I attend Central Connecticut State University. I am on the wait list for the nursing program to. I haven't heard anything thus far from them, in the mean time I am also applying to Saint Joseph College. I went to their open house on Wednesday and I really was impressed with their nursing program. I wish you luck for getting into Central's nursing program.
  6. by   CNAKERRY
    HI carmen, thanks for getting back to me. yeah I thought about saint joseph, but its the same process, they also have a good program. I spoke to the receptionist at ccsu nursing program and she said that changes of getting call from the wait list is slim to now and I will have to reapply next year. what I have done is I applied for the LPN program with Lincoln. I start in sept and the program ends in aug 2012. I went on a leave of absent from ccsu until fall 2012 I will be done with lincoln by then, and I will reapply to the rn program at ccsu in mar 2012. if I dont get in for fall 2012 I will just do a lpn bridge to rn program which will be much easier. good luck to u as well.