Can CT LPNs Become Independent Private Duty Nurses?

  1. Hi:

    Although, I have a lot of nursing experience, it is not within the last three years.

    Now that I am licensed in this state, I have been asked by the family of a 75 -year-old woman if I would consider doing private duty with her. I have talked to the woman and she is very enthusiastic about this. It would be private pay to start until I could complete my training as an RN. In taking this case, I would work with her doctors in order to provide the necessary services to bring her back to optimal health and functioning. This would be beneficial to me as well as her because I could charge less than an agency would charge.

    I know I would have to have a contract outlining what services would be provided by me and when; allowing me access to her doctors so I could provide optimum continuity of care; and the amount of monetary compensation for my services and when it was to be paid; and the terms under which the contract would be null and void on either parties part. I know that I would also be well-advised to continue to carry malpractice insurance and perhaps to increase the amount.

    Does anyone know of anything else I would need to do to be compliant with regulations from either the CT BON or the IRS if I did take this job as an LPN?

    All input gratefully received.

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  3. by   iwillbanurse08
    If I am not mistaken LPN's in the state of CT have to work under a RN or other higher medical professional. I would definitly inquire about this at CT BON just to be on the safe side.
  4. by   Start2
    Thanks for your reply.

    I did check with the CT BON some time ago and discovered that you are absolutely right...LPNs have to work under an RN in the state of CT.

    This is not true for all states.