Bridgeport school of Nursing: Fall of 2011

  1. Hi everyone,
    Well, BHSN begins accepting applications very soon. I am going to send mine in by the end of the week. Last year, I waited til the end and was wait-listed, and then the program was full before they got to me.
    I just wanted to start a post for us applying this year for the fall of 2011. Good luck to all.
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  3. by   CandiceW23
    I will b applying in fall 2011!!! Good luck to everyone who will be applying as well!!!!
  4. by   Jessse
    i'm applying soon also! hopefully we all get the good news :]
  5. by   SSStill
    really jdoll? they wait-listed you? if you don't mind me asking, what were your grades and teas like? i am debating applying early (like, now) or later in the semster (after the fall 2010 grades are posted). when you say you "waited until the end" late did you apply? my grades are good and my teas is good as well...but that doesn't mean squat if the program is full. i had heard that they changed to a rolling admission policy a few years ago, and i guess this is now the result. d'oh!!! :smackingf
  6. by   jdoll
    First let me explain from what I understand BHSN looks at everything (background, grades, picture,recommendations, and essay)
    So I have been a medical assistant, phlebotomist, CNA for the past 18 years (a variety of specialties)
    My recommendations were from M.D.'s that I work for....
    My essay was relevant to what was asked for a significant experience
    GPA=3.25 chemistry killed me got a C+
    TEAS= 76
    A&P grade A.
    I applied in January!!
    Who knows maybe it was not my time or not the right school for me......
    I was accepted into Norwalk Community College for this January..
    Still waiting on notification from Northwestern for the Spring semester.
    Good Luck to you all!!!!!
    Hope everything works out in your favor...
  7. by   SSStill
    Ok, what do you think of my situation? I posted this in another thread but that was for last year. Maybe this one is more appropriate. I've been taking courses part time the last 3 years at HCC, the same courses for the BHSN program. Have all but Micro, Pub. Speaking, and Child Psych left (taking Micro & P.S. this semester, Child Psych in the spring). I got A's in both A&P 1+2, A's or A-'s in other courses. Got a 91 on the TEAS. Went to school 20 years ago for a science but did not graduate.

    Here's my situation: in 2006 I divorced. Badly. Started dating a girl in 2007. Was taking 3 courses: Micro, Pub. Speaking, and Child Psych (while working full time on the night shift). She dumped me w/out warning. There were 2 or 3 other family issues at that same time, all while I was working nights, which makes everything twice as sucky. I do the tailspin thing for a month (in retrospect, I wasn't really ready to date). I was still paying off old student loans, and didn't withdraw because I wanted them to remain in deferment. Thing was, I bombed all 3 courses royally.

    Now my 3.8 or 3.9 is a 2.7... I know that when you repeat classes that the higher of two grades will be used for computing the GPA. I'm counting on A's for the 3 courses (well, maybe a B in Micro). I'll be able to bring the GPA back up to 3.8 or 3.9. Question is, how do you think this will look on a transcript? I am planning on applying this Jan for 2011, hoping for A's in 2/3 of the courses by the time they decide(the Child Psy. will have to wait for the Spring).

  8. by   jdoll
    put your application in if you want it!!!!
  9. by   ORnurseCT

    Hello, I have decided to apply to BHSON also. It's kind of last minute so I need some help. Do the HS transcripts have to be official, my HS no longer exists and it took over a year to get the unofficial copies I have. I have my diploma. Also what is the essay topic? I will contact the school, but I thought I would ask on here since the applications are already being accepted.
  10. by   jdoll
    you can go to the website and it will give you all the info.... essay topic and such
    Good Luck
    I will not be applying I was accepted to Norwalk for the spring semester
  11. by   hopefullyanurse1day
    hey everyone!

    i just sent in my application. and taking the TEAS friday. any advice on what to study? and how long does it take to hear back from them?
  12. by   ORnurseCT
    I just sent my application in.
  13. by   ORnurseCT
    I just got a letter today, they are just waiting on my TEAS transcript which is on the way so they should have it next very soon. I hope my packet is reviewed soon.
  14. by   jdoll
    That would be a great before christmas present!! Good luck