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Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there is starting at BHSN this fall?? If so, are you signing the contract w/ Bridgeport Hosp? Thanks, Melanie... Read More

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    When is orientation for fall 2007?

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    We will not know when orientation is until BHSN sends us the letters stating. There letter a week or so ago stated we would receive more info in a few weeks.
    Also, just an FYI that no one enters the accelerated program in the fall. The accelerated program means you go through the summer of next year and graduate in Dec 2008.
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    I would love to know what you felt your strengths were to be accepted to this program. I have my heart set on being accepted, but it sounds competitive (700 applicants for 100+ spots).

    Also, what are the typical hours for the week? I'm wondering if I can swing this with my kids school hours.

    I'd appreciate any and all replies!
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    Hello my strengsh were good pre-reqs and co-req grade with a positive attitude. BHSN offer a day shift and evening shift to accommodate the working student and parent. This school is extremely competitive to get into, however you must first believe that you can become a nurse before you can persuade the decision makers who hand pick every incoming freshmen. I also went on their website and found it very useful.
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    Hello im starting this fall but the contract is not offered until your senior year
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    Hey everyone going to BHSN! Just wanted to say 2 weeks from today we start. (As if everyone is not aware of it)
    I'm just very excited and a little nervous. Sure wish we would get our email today with our schedules.

    Best of luck to all
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    i just recieved my class notes :hatparty:
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    Hey, does anyone know how much they offer to pay you during those two years if you sign the contract with Bridgeport Hospital? I am going there next spring and I was wondering what your salary is like if you do accept. Thanks!
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    I might be starting this fall-I wouldn't sign the contract b/c I'm too far away but I knoiw people who have. What have u heard about Bridgeport-good or bad?
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    Can some one give me some insight as to what our first reading assignment will be? I going on vacation and will have some reading time just don't know where to start.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

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