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Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing anyone?? - page 3

Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there is starting at BHSN this fall?? If so, are you signing the contract w/ Bridgeport Hosp? Thanks, Melanie... Read More

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    i just recieved my class notes :hatparty:
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    Hey, does anyone know how much they offer to pay you during those two years if you sign the contract with Bridgeport Hospital? I am going there next spring and I was wondering what your salary is like if you do accept. Thanks!
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    I might be starting this fall-I wouldn't sign the contract b/c I'm too far away but I knoiw people who have. What have u heard about Bridgeport-good or bad?
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    Can some one give me some insight as to what our first reading assignment will be? I going on vacation and will have some reading time just don't know where to start.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated